How Do I Get Back Into Molten Front????

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ok so i was doin the quest called Elemental Bonds: Fury and i ported out to repair or something and now i cant find the entrance to the place so i can finish my quest,,, anyone know how i do this its driving me crazy~
I had to go back to Deepholm and find Aggar to get ported back to fireland quest area.
where in deepholm is Aggra, it says to look at Therazane's throne, but i could'nt find her there.
I'm having the same problem... I also went to deepholm and couldn't find her, do you need to drop the quest first? Any help would be appreciated
I see this is going to be the *Mankrik's Wife of Cataclysm... here, try this thread:

This gives you some detail and pics to show where you can find Aggra in Deepholm, if you read down to the bottom.

*Note: Which incidently was also about a female Orc that no one could find.

Hope this helps.
PERFECT!!! Thank you Utakata
Where is the entrance to Molten Front?

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