guardians of hyjal assist aessina HELP

I found the follow on for the Arssina chain at 62, 25. Ysera Gave me the quest The Last Living Lorekeeper
Same prob with me trying to assist aessina seeing how it wont obviously let me assist Tortolla
So my problem is that I'm somehow instanced at the shrine of Goldrinn. I can't see any of the questgivers even though when I get close I can see the !'s on my minimap. I can't go through the portal there, either. No clue what to do.
im locking for lo gosh and aessina
Okay everyone...I too was so darn frustrated at not finding the remaining questline that would open up Assisting Aessina. I went through several areas and back tracked my quests..and low and behold I found the one remaining quest that opened everything. Over in Sethria's Roost is the quests you get from Thisalee Crow. I did what I thought was all the quests leading up to the egg quest. But there is a final quest from her that kills Sethria so make sure you go back to her before leaving the area. Once this quest is accomplished it will lead you to a quest An Ancient Reborn back at the Shirine of Aviana. Once there 2 more quests open- The hatchery Must Burn which is in a portal out in the Regrowth Area and The Last Living LoreKeeper which is given by Nordu the large burning tree out by the turtle quests. Once this quest is finished it will lead you back to Grove of Aessina for the quest Aessina's Miracle which is given by Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem. That will finish you off for the assisting the various people for the questline leading to the new 85 questline Guardian's of Hyjal: Fireland Invasion.

The best of luck to you all!

This is what i needed!! Thank You!!!!
go to nordrasil Ysera has the next quest for you
Your year old post helped me finally get to the mystery of why I couldn't finish Mt Hyjal, wanted to say Thank you!
Cheese, for everyone!
Thank you!!!
Thank you!!! Was as easy as flying over and accepting the quest after you pointed the direction.

OK, I was stuck on Aessina....

My problem was that I had left the Vision of Ysera without picking up the quest when she appeared.

You can find her at Nordrassil....
I was stuck and had "Assist Aessina" and "Assist Aviana" left to do.. Looked and looked and couldn't find any quests. Then, I realized that I hadn't gone through (over) that tunnel just south of The Sanctuary of Malorne and done the quest line for Thissalee Crow. A few quick quests later and I was earning Marks and had the portal opened. I hope that helps anyone stuck with the two that I hadn't assisted yet :)
i am doing the same quests right now and i was able to assist aviana by going to the rim of the world ands speaking with the peeps in the sanctuary and doing what they asked and keep gpoing back and eventually you see Aviana and assisted her and u get the assist bonus u need for the main quest your on. i am still looking for the Aessina assist....:)
Sorry doing the quest on my other charector , in case ur wondering on my posted charector.., not my 60 i'd die...ha ha have fun
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i too was missing aessina on my rogue. i picked the questline back up from Nordu, the tree ancient near the Sanctuary of Malorne. Hope that may help someone.

If following the quest line you should complete the series for this. i just went back as a 90 and completed it. (tired of the board saying mount hyjal)

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