[H] <M A C A B R E> Recruiting for MOP

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/bump Looking for Prot Warrior
Grats on Ragnaros 25man!
Cheers Pigeonism :) also /bump
hello. do have any raids for my level? wud love to join.
Sorry but we are looking for lvl85 hunters ready to start raiding immediately. If you can get to 85 and sufficiently geared, You can app on MACABRE's website at http://macabre.guildlaunch.com for a raid position.

also /bump :)
/bump updated requirements for PvE tanks
/bump updated for recruitment and Horde first Dragaonwrath
/bump for some healers :)
/bump had a change in advertisement. Really looking for quality PvE player. App now at http://macabre.guildlaunch.com/

/bump. still looking for more people :)
/bump updated recruitment requirements
YAY 25man Heroic Majordomo Staghelm is down :)
/bump time!

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