[H] <M A C A B R E> Recruiting for MOP

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/bumps for major recruitment drive.

Major needs are 1 tank and 2 - 3 dps

App at http://macabre.guildlaunch.com/
/Bumps for a 25man Deathwing Kill YAY
/bumps for fresh recruitment drive
/bump for continued recruitment drive
@garrosh we are looking for a good dps with a tank offspec (for when one of our main tanks cant raid). Head to http://macabre.guildlaunch.com and put in an app if this is something you are willing and able to do.
/bump for getting Realm second, Horde first Fangs Of The Father.

Probably would like an exceptional rogue app to appear now so they can start collecting for the daggers. (hint: major emphasis on "exceptional")
/bump...... Still looking for that rogue app wanting to start their journey to getting the next set of daggers.
I'd like to join MACABRE.
I prefer to pm someone in game, cuz apply in guildlaunch is a long process.
Looking forwards your response.
Here is my Rogue. 392-pve. Currently,in PVP gear thou, if you dont have any raid spot for Rogue, its fine. I can join to do PVP or Rbg when available

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