[H] <M A C A B R E> Recruiting for MOP

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wow its been a while but /bumps :P

@lmao we require you to put in an app as it show us what you know. it may take a while but its the only way of getting accepted into the guild as a raider.
/bumps for renewed recruitment drive
/bumps for 25man H Yor'sahj the Unsleeping's death
/bumps still looking for more peeps
/bump looking for more still.
In search of one awesome Tank and lots of skilled DPS.

WTB Hunters and more range DPS! All exceptional applicants considered though.
/bump for updated post
/bump :)

Thought I'd join in the bumpski fun. Still after tanks and dps for the team, also 10man 5/8HM 10man
Another bump for 10man heroic warmaster kill :D
bump for chibi <3
What times does your 10man team raid?
/bump - Updating for Recruitment drive for MOP
another bump for mop being less than 3 days away

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