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So I had this idea the other day and thought I'd put it out there in the hopes that I would one day see it in-game.

So yeah, cross faction races. Some of the playable races are able to be chosen by both factions, however, playing as a race on one faction won't be quite the same as on the other. This idea occured to me when I went through the troll starter quests. Then I thought about this story bit to explain trolls as a cross-faction race.

Vol'jin threatened to leave the horde, unhappy with garosh's new way of ruling, and the darkspears followed him without question, also upset by garosh, however, when vol'jin decided not to leave, following thrall's advice, many in the darkspear tribe were angered and left the horde anyways, joining the alliance out of spite. While serving under the faction which adopts "the light" as their main deity, the rebel trolls decided to delve deeper into the ways of the light, and can now be paladins. However, since most of the troll's spiritual leaders decided to stay true to vol'jin, trusting thrall's wisdom, alliance trolls can not be shamans.

Or a simpler idea with less radical changes, making blood elves cross-faction, only on alliance they are high elves and have blue eyes

I haven't thought of a clever way to make an alliance race playable by horde, I'll leave you guys ( both blizzard, and the wow community) to think that up
i like that idea and the new races the people have been posting (naga, murlock, grell, ect.) to add in the next expac might be able to work.

Edit: i havent played any alli race so i wouldnt know of their story with the alli leader. so i think of a alli that would play horde
i vote a ranged caster hero class myself.... never really liked the DKs
Personally, I think they should lay off adding classes/races for an expansion, and focus on content.

That aside, Blizzard has said that they want you to be able to tell which faction someone is by their silhouette.
I like the idea, and it seems to me they actually thought about doing that with goblins. Maybe I read it in the magazine or somewhere... but I read they had considered making goblins be both Alliance or Horde, and if you chose to play that race, you'd have to decide what faction you wanted to "join."

So in the end, you still wouldn't get to be neutral... I can see why they scrapped that idea.
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i vote a ranged caster hero class myself.... never really liked the DKs

Also, that would be awesome and something I would really consider playing. Maybe a battle-mage class, eh? :D One that wears mail or plate... but uses ranged magic spells.

*dissolves into happy dream*
O yes battle-mage i think it would be mail not plate... but i heard one day they might merge the factions in to one and they might do what the OP suggests in a expac before the merger... but yea it most likely never happen
About telling a player's faction by their sillouette...they kinda failed with that on orc female/human male
As of now, Blizz believes in the silhouette rule. They want you to be able to tell the faction/race of a character based on a silhouette and having one race on both sides would not work with that.
The only problem I possibly see is the language issue. You would either have to open up a common language for all races or have said player "Forget" their native version. Aka, Horde forgetting orcish and alliance forgetting common to learn orcish.
Oh from the title I was thinking you would be talking about an alliance and a horde could group up to quest or stuff together.
People have been asking for this for years. Goblin/Wrogen would have been the perfect opportunity for two neutral races.

This is the one thing I really miss about EQ... the betrayal quests in EQ 2, and the option to be as good or evil as you felt like being in EQ 1.
As for sillouettes, there's plenty of transformation elixirs and stuff, that rule failed already, as for languages being forgotten, remember blood elves used to be high elves not too long ago, u know... Part of the alliance, yet THEY seem to have forgotten every bit of common they used to know.

And when I bring this Idea up, I don't mean making a neutral faction that interacts with both factions. I mean a race that is playable by both factions. ie you can be a troll on either alliance or horde, but not both picking an alliance troll will make u hostile with horde trolls (and every other horde race)
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Such a bad idea, I hope this never happens.

Troll Druids were such a bad idea, they should have never happened

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