Blizzards NEW lvl 20 FOREVER Free Trials?

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Interestingly enough Blizzard blames these restrictions on chinese gold sellers (for which only a few are to blame) rather than its own incentive to make money off of twinks. Were Blizzard to remove the restrictions on gold and p2p trade (only 2 out of 13) it would become possible to make and play a level 19 twink indefinitely at no cost, while gold sellers are still facing significant barriers to their business. Blizzard would undoubtedly lose tons of subs simply because those long-subscribing players who do little else but twink nowadays would no longer need the full game. Send your wealth to a friend, end sub, make trial account and receive money from the friend. Make your twink, cap exp, and twink to your hearts content without paying a penny. Seeing as twinking is for many the only remaining bit of entertainment in WoW, as nerfed as it may be, this trial could have opened up numerous opportunities. Sadly, under a secondary guise of gold-seller discouragement Blizzard have failed to offer any real chance for change.
Woo Awesome thnx blizz..... How many human paladins are not going to like this :P
I can't really image people not seeing they were leveling either but I guess it is possible.

--They don't have floating text enabled?
--They don't have their experience bar visible?
--They are oblivious?


I had a friend (epoxy) who lead an all twink lvl 70 guild a while back, When they gave the free Xpac trials... he stepped out of stormwind and got a 'discovered ___' for like 200 exp or less and he dinged.... >..>

so yeah... it would be incredibly tricky to possibly notice in time.

Had that happen to an old long time 70 twink friend.
Discoverd Org again and hit 71. GMs said there was nothing they could do. He'd be 70 for so long. D:
Feels bad man.
10/16/2011 04:21 AMPosted by Sarrianna
Why did you Necro this thread

Looking at dates is for squares.
/Sets Square raid target above your head

Looking at dates is for squares.
/Sets Square raid target above your head

I know you feel foolish because you got eaten by the Necromancers ghouls but taking it out on me is wrong.


All the best leaders kill the messengers!

All the best leaders kill the messengers!

Only in Sparta.

/Thunderstorms you into a pit
STOP! hatin is bad
level 20?
Make it level 60, what would be the harm? at least then they would have some old end game content to grind.
I have 2 friands who have done it, great job blizz:D
Powerful necromancy has been performed here today.

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