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Looking for someone to do RaF with on my server, I can provide max gear and everything. All I need you to do is be on and level with me =)
Swag, RaF is supposed to be used with people you know. Not random strangers that you pick up on the forums. How do you know that they won't buy their two months of game time with a stolen credit card? Because guess what happens if that occurs - the owner of the credit card will issue a chargeback.

If you're lucky, all Blizzard will do is remove the mount.

If you're unlucky, they'll freeze your account until you can send them a money order for the 'free' month that you owe them.

And, after all that, you'll likely be rendered ineligible for any future promotions - which is something that quite a few people are discovering thanks to the Annual Pass.
I think this thread has been brought back to life enough at this point.

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