Elemental Bonds: Doubt quest 2 Bugs

Bug Report
On 06/28/2011 I got this quest, went to fight the Doubt Elementals, got PvP Flagged. Left the area to let timer go down. When it reach 1 instead of ticking to 0 and deFlagging, it reset to 5 min. I hearthed to Stormwind, waited out timer, once again when it ticked down to 1 sec, it reset to 5 min. I had to drop quest to end that cycle.

2nd Bug, is now I can not get quest again. I tried the Hyjal cut scene and the land point in Uldum and up at the quest site platform, no quests are offered. Now i can not get the quest. But I am not randomly getting PvP flagged in the bank at Stormwind, so that is a bright side :)

I am running an iMac with OSX 10.6.7

edit two:
I am on Cenarion Circle, a PvE/RP server
I lost the quest as well, but when i went back to the Bluff of South wind, Just underneath Neferset, Cyclonas gave me quest again.

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