Where are the RAID PUG's?

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I have been patiently awaiting the time when I would see a fair amount of "LFM: "RAID X" pst for invite", but that has yet to occur.

I rarely, RARELY, ever see any PUG groups forming for Raids and it's many months past when the expansion dropped and most of us have the gear for it (and then some).

In WotLK there would be multple PUG groups formed every night, if you missed out on one there was sure to be another right behind it.

In CATA..nothing. Zilch, Nada..

So what gives? Is it just my server, or are the PUG Raids a thing of the past? Are people just waiting to get all of their welfare purps to go into these Raids?

For those of us that can't be on a set RAID schedule this has definitely taken a large chunk of enjoyment out of the game. How many times can we run ZA/ZG and not get bored to tears?

Cata killed those, didn't you get the memo?
Shared lockouts,

Guilds rep and variety of other reason not related to tuning of encounters is what killed pugs.

I've been looking for them as well. I'm sure they'll start to be more common as people start to progress through Firelands. And lets face it. That's not going to take very long. I need PuG's to progress through raids at all, because I don't have the time to raid with a guild regularly. It sucks that Blizzard decided to be so PuG unfriendly with Cataclysm.
We haven't gotten to the point where a tank and 2 healers can carry a group of idiot dps through the mechanics of a fight yet.
I've seen nothing but "LFM FL TRASH RUN" spam.

I've seen about 5 Firelands PUG's forming in SW yesterday. But only trash run for boe's.
try raiding with your guild.
06/30/2011 06:36 AMPosted by Orissa
Can't find one? Make one.


Don't come here to complain about the lack of Pugs when all you do is sit in SW and wait for someone to take the initiative.
Raid content isn't worth trying out if you are able to pug it successfully.
I'm actually kind of surprised. After the tier 11 stuff getting nerfed into oblivion I thought for sure I'd see trade chat just spammed with people looking for pugs...

Haven't seen one yet.

You need to wait till the weekend.
This is why a bunch of people recommend a LFR tool similar (but not quite the same) to the LFD tool. However any time the idea comes up all you get is people bashing it saying why it wont work rather than providing possible solutions to the potential problems.
Sort of my situtation. So, i've just started making my own raids. Someone has to step up for the server.
not every guild is 12/12. some guilds that are running firelands are probably gonna try some t11 also and dont want people saved.

06/30/2011 06:56 AMPosted by Tywebb
try raiding with your guild.

I would but:

1. My Guild is on a break

2. My schedule doesn't match up with theirs now (got a new job)

I PUG'd my way through a good chunk of ICC, but it looks like I am SoL for Cata.

ICC was also the last raid of the expansion, giving Blizzard ample time to nerf the previous raid tiers and give the 30% ICC buff.

Cata is still semi-new.

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