Focus Cheap Shot Macro

Title pretty much says it all. Ive looked through the forums, and all over the internet without being able to come up with any macro that worked. Trying to find one that cheap shots my focus target whether in stealthed, dancing, or vanished (so stances 1,2,3 i believe) anyways any help would be much appreciated thanks.
#showtooltip cheap shot
/cast [@focus] cheap shot

there it is
edit: this is the simplest version of this macro and you can prolly make a much better one if u take the time to figure it out
#showtooltip Cheap Shot
/cast [stance:0] Kidney Shot @focus
/cast [stance:1] cheap shot @focus
/cast [stance:2] cheap shot @focus
/cast [stance:3] cheap shot @focus


kidney shot was just put there for filler but if you are using stance modifiers I'm guessing you want something in oos mode.
okay well i have just figured out that i am in fact retarded. I thought there was some stance b.s. you had to enter but it just ended up being that i spelled cheap shot with no space in between (cheapshot)

thanks for your replies but you cant help stupid :)
Haha, you can also link the spell into a macro to prevent typos. :)
/castsequence [@focus] reset=20 Redirect, Kidney Shot

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