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I have been keeping an eye on this for awhile, sitting back and and seeing how many other people feel as I do.. I also spent countless hours/days honor grinding for the 365 gear.

It's completely, utterly disgusting how they have done this and the even worse thing is, they will get away with it. Happened before, will happen again. They don't care, it ultimately means more money for them and they know people will come crawling back, highly addictive game.

I, for one hope they will offer some sort of compensation but unlikely It will happen.
Bad idea to piss off this many people while the Steam summer sale is going on...
I am anxiously awaiting an update on this issue. It's important to me to spend my playtime wisely and the fact that I wasted hours and hours last week is still very frustrating.

This is the thread Zarhym asked us to post in. Does that mean this is thread I should check for information about the "options to try and alleviate some of the misfortune" the players have experienced these last few weeks? I am beginning to feel you want us to just forget about this and move on.

Can we please get an update soon? I don't want to grind this new gear and then hear that people are getting free gear or something as compensation for the nonsense these past few weeks.
I suggest a free weeks worth of game time. It would make me feel like at least you acknowledge that my time is important and when you negligently waste it it should cost you.

That's just me, though.

The difference in ilevel is negligible unless you're playing near perfectly enough for a marginal stat difference to matter. Having the 365 gear instead of the 371 isn't going to effect you much, if at all.

So why did they even release it if it's so marginal? As a small stepping stone to the 'new hotness"?... I'm assuming you play @ 85's...Can I assume that with your statement above that you will not be purchasing 371's, because of the marginal difference?

They never had to do this before. It was always a sliding window...not this filler tier bullcrap. And it's some old assed model...a last minute freakout that chimped us

And the point has moved on to fairness and communication...We all know we can grind the gear quickly...Unfortunately, we've already proven that.

I actually tried to explain that as I understood it in my post here:

Essentially, from what I understand, it is a gear level balancing thing to keep all the tiers of gear within the same basic range. So Season 9 was i352 HP, i365 CP (+13 ilvl). Season 10 is now i371 HP, i384 CP (+13 ilvl).

You might ask "Well why didn't they just make the S10 Conquest gear i378?" That's because of how the PvP gear ilvl range sits in relation to the PvE Txx gear. S9 the gear level landed exactly between the T11 and T11 Heroic levels, i359/i372, with S9 at i365. So T12 and T12 Heroic is i378/i391 placing the PvP S10 Conquest at i384 (right in the middle). The only way to maintain the 13ilvl gap between the honor and conquest gear was to up it to i371.

Unfortunately, this change to maintain the ilvl balancing (which we do need) was never explained properly to the community and the introduction of i371 was never announced.
Even if we were warned about this on the forums and on MMO champion. How are people in-game supposed to know? Every single patch there always people asking about things that changed.

Could we possibly gets some kind of in-game patch notes?
Ecu and Tormath: You are correct, Zarhym said this is the thread to watch and I've spent a lot of time in here trying to keep this thing going in a constructive manner. If there is a post, I really hope it does show up here or as a new Blue sticky with a link from this thread.

As for your comment Huitzilo about the Patch Notes... I remember when the launcher used to automaticallly pop up the patch notes for you to read while you were downloading the game updates for that patch. Why it doesn't do that anymore, I don't know but even then... many players skipped the notes anyway and would still spam /trade asking why something changed.
They are not going to do anything.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide any sort of upgrade, reimbursement, or swap for previously purchased items.


They are not going to do anything.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide any sort of upgrade, reimbursement, or swap for previously purchased items.

<a href="http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?locale=en_US&articleId=39911">http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?locale=en_US&articleId=39911</a>

That support link started a burst of messages but we don't know when that support link was created as it is not dated. GMs and in-game tickets have been basically spouting that exact policy because that is the only thing they have at the moment and usually tickets refer to a support page for more information (which would be that link).

Before this blows up again, Zarhym really needs to provide even the slightest hint of something before patience is completely gone from the community.

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