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Then put in a triple honor AV weekend so I can grind it out again. Then take a week break from severe gaming burnout. I see that its WSG call to arms weekend that is .... not the best BG to PUG that I can think of.

Whatever....its still going to cost me a ton of gold since all the ups have happened, chants, and gems have been jacked up skyhigh economy ruined and the sky is falling I think =p

You know the victory of getting my imaginary top of the line battlegear has been totally ruined anyways its just a bitter feeling.
Mostly, what it come down to, is that we need a decision and some word.

"yes, we are doing something. i can't say what, specifically, but don't bother grinding honor this weekend. we'll have this finalized by Monday at noon."


"Sorry. Nothing is going to happen. We made a mistake. We will try to do better in the future. We realize that you are people and not just 'accounts'. People value their time and we will strive to value your time as well."

or even

"Have a good weekend. You should probably hit up AV a bit."
What do you do about gems and enchants? Just copy those over? There's a bit more complexity now. What about reforging?

can't be too tough. when 4.1 dropped my crafted chest had a new gem slot and lowered stats. enchants remained.
Of course I'm talking about people who EARNED their honor between end of season 9 and beginning of season 10.

For example this mage I have was full vicious before season 9 ended. I don't Expect ANYTHING for him.

My only issue with this is that plenty of players would have saved to grab a couple pieces of the new stuff had they not been directly told that there would be no honor grind.

That being said, it's not a huge deal for those players, but it is listed as on the errors Blizzard made.
How about this, use your server databases to identify the honor gear transactions made during the time period in question. Then reimburse the affected players one gold for every one honor spent for 365 gear. This should approximately balance the relative value of the enchants and gems used for the gear as well as provide a very minor bonus for all the time the players spent grinding the honor needed.

Why compensate for the time? From an economic perspective there is a thing called "opportunity costs." This is the value of the time (used say for grinding dailies, rep, and gold) that the player used to grind the honor which could have been used for other opportunities had the player base been informed of the scheduled (as blue posted by Blizz) change and the conquest point loss issue (againas blue posted and specified by Blizz).
They won't solve it in a timely and professional manner.

I believe you all have your word. That is welcome to Call to Arms weekend with WSG. they dragged it out to the end of Friday and you will not receive a fix now the weekend has begun.

By dragging it out and using word trickery they have kept everyone confused long enough for the weekend to take hold and things to blow over. By Monday most in the forum will have the new s10 gear and this post will be buried.

It just means that if we decide we can do something to help, we will. We just aren't in a position currently to tell you anything more at this point in time. This isn't from any lack of desire. Again, it's about finding a way to do something that makes sense in a way that's fair to as many people as possible. If we find that solution, we will let you all know.

I appreciate the attempt at communicating the current stance Blizzard holds on this subject. However, this isn't just about potentially losing subscribers, if nothing is done. This is about your reputation as a gaming company to begin with. Many of my IRL friends up and quit through out vanilla/BC simply BECAUSE of the lack of consistency.

The company motto is 'we can always do it better' which is a great motto to have when you're talking about technology systems and science. However, in the computer gaming/entertainment industry, there is a point at which 'doing it better' actually means screwing things up for the people who 'like it just fine.'

This whole thing with the changes in seasonal transitioning completely reeks of the foul stench of 'changing for the better' that has been plaguing this game since it's early days. It's things like this that are giving people REASONS to be upset and unsubscribe their accounts, looking for something that is more consistent/stable.

One of the explicit reasons players enjoy wow so much is due to the fact that characters are highly customizable in terms of abilities, stats, talents, gear, enchants, glyphs, ect. You can change things like boss mechanics, world artwork, dungeon design, ect, ect, ect, but as soon as you start changing people's characters, THAT's where you cross the line with many players. This gear change greatly affected everyone who had a character they were trying to prep for season 10 during the week of down time, as well as anyone who had season 9 Vicious gear for whatever reason.

ANY good company with a quality customer care department would bend over backwards to satisfy an unhappy customer, including offering replacement products/services if necessary. I have been working in the Retail industry for over 10 years, and I have worked with all different levels of customer service in many different fields.

I worked for a paint company (sold paint) for a number of years, and if we had a customer/contractor who took paint we sold him, used it in their job/project, and it didn't meet their expectations, we would (out of our own pocket, mind you) reimburse them for their time spent, product used, AND labor involved.

Even if it meant our sales guys rolling up the sleeves on their $300 shirts and doing the job themselves. THAT'S quality customer service. THAT'S how you keep customers interested even when you make mistakes. Assuring customers that their concerns are legitimate and you're willing to do what it takes to fix mistakes, shows customers that you value their continued business, not just their money.

I'd rather deal with a company that is willing to take the onus on themselves to make matters right, than one who's just going to throw their hands up as they take my money to the bank.

This current issue is one that arose because you changed the system, a change that was only unnecessary but 'exasperated' the seasonal transition greatly. The only way to fix this problem, and ensure you don't lose business because of it, is to go back and add a token vendor that players can exchange their 365 gear to 371 gear at, with no additional cost.

This would ensure that players who purchased gear during the week of downtime get reimbursed for their efforts, and the players who earned 365 gear during the season through higher levels of pvp don't have to feel shafted.

THEN Blizzard needs to take notes and understand that asking the community to re grind an entire set of honor gear every season is a ridiculous idea. In no way shape or form is the season 10 honor gear something that anyone who's pvping wants. Anyone who didn't have 365 gear from season 9 prior to 4.2 wouldn't have known or cared about the difference between 365 and 371 gear. Anyone who did have it, would have been perfectly content using it to compete in rated pvp in season 10, upgrading their gear to ruthless glad as they went.

By adding in two new tiers of gear for season 10, you have pushed the ilvl and quality of Ruthless beyond what it should be, and created the problem of season 9 vicious not being suitable as the honor reward gear for season 10. Maybe if you hadn't come out with season 10 honor gear, the overall ilvl of Ruthless could be brought down, and players would be perfectly content with season 9 vicious gear for honor during the entire season.

But no, 'things could always be better.' Not when you fix things that aren't broken and people stop subscribing...

So get on it Blizzard, you KNOW what you need to do. Bite the bullet already and compensate players before even more time goes by and allows more animosity to set in.
I was wondering since both versions the 365 and 371 are the same name of item, why cant the 365 be transformed into the 371 gear, keeping all the chants/gems?

I mean vanity wise it still looks the same right o.0
07/08/2011 05:48 PMPosted by Natiandal
I believe you all have your word. That is welcome to Call to Arms weekend with WSG. they dragged it out to the end of Friday and you will not receive a fix now the weekend has begun.

Sadly, I think Nat's right.
I see talk like 'We are trying to find a solution to benefit all the people affected and make this right', if not in so many words.

I've seen twenty+ people say what can be done, what is the most logical thing to do, and what makes the most sense.

Simply enable the Honor vendors to accept season 9 vicious gear that coincides with season 10 honor gear, problem solved. Sure, people that didn't spend over twelve hours this weekend grinding the same damn battleground over and over, and over, and over, will get free upgrades, but consider that a reward for the general populace and a lesson learned for you guys. Everyone makes mistakes, though admittedly with a player base topping the millions and a revenue stream in the trillions you would think you'd be above such simply avoided things, it happens. I guess.

Personally, I just can't fathom how something like this could be overlooked. I know people will say it's working as intended and so forth, but Blizzard had to know that this would piss off a #@*@ ton of people. I mean this is a business you guys are running, and part of that, I thought, was keeping the customers happy. I'm sure most execs don't care, cause after all the #@@*%ing and moaning we've done we will still pay and play for the most part, but the faith lost should account for something at the very latest. I'm sure some of you guys at least want your fans to like you.
It was suggested that perhaps everyone that made i365 purchases "prior" to Tuesday 5 July could receive a special mount with an apology. I thought that was a considerate suggestion.

Perhaps a "one time" gift of 1200 Honor Points.

How about a 10 or 25 point "Feat of Strength" Achievement for players that purchased i365 for that one week with a unique Pet or Tabard?

How does any of that equate into reimbursing players for the honor they earned and then spent over the weekend?

'Yeah sure, give me a cool mount that I can't use in combat and is probably just a reskin anyway.'

'Yeah sure, give me 1200 honor, when everything at the honor vendor costs a minimum of 1250 honor, and I already spent close to 20k over the weekend.'

'Yeah sure, give me 10 or 25 'feat of strength' achievement points that have nothing to do with anything.'

Nah, myself and others earned/spent a lot of honor for no reason over the weekend to get ready for season 10. The only thing that is going to fix it is giving players the gear that will make them ready for season 10.

If people with season 9 gear already farmed for their season 10 gear, then give them tokens they can use to purchase the new season 11 honor gear when it comes out. Think ahead. Use forethought. Do something other than talk.
I can't say I agree with them adding a new iLvL set that is higher than the previous earned set from the past arena season. I would rather not have to honor grind a full new set to be competitive with new people every arena season.

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