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Then why not STOP READING THE THREAD? People that live and die by the politics of threads are completely insane. Not that you are one of these people, but if you cannot draw yourself away and stop reading this thread it does indicate possibilities.

Great question. I continue reading the thread because Blizzard Entertainment is more than likely keep their eye on it and they don't need to only see one side of the story. Not everyone that farmed honor before the gear was released is demanding they get the new gear.

It's a simple matter of principle.
07/09/2011 05:49 AMPosted by Meredith
You're saying we should just be grateful for anything provided to us beyond mere server up-time in a game with a monthly fee; that argument might hold more water in a free-to-play MMO.

Sorry it took me so long to respond, I had to take a nap. That $15/month isn't much compared to all the content/gear/buffs/nerfs they release. I think it's one heck of a deal and to have the forums included free of charge, free to calling their customer support, in-game ticketing... I could go on and on. Simply put, we're getting more than our monies worth right now.

And please don't assume I am a World of Warcraft fan boy, I have participated in issues where I felt I was wronged or other people were. This just isn't one of those situations.

07/09/2011 05:49 AMPosted by Meredith
Ultimately, while it's your opinion that nobody was wronged, Blizzard feels otherwise. Providing quality customer service isn't necessarily the same as providing quality gameplay. Providing the former includes righting wrongs in a timely manner. Providing the latter means doing what's best for the population at large and not bowing to any one group, class, or individual's demands.

I think maybe you took something I said out of context or I was just too tired and said something stupid but I don't think I ever said that no one was wronged. I think it's reasonable that you're receiving the four thousand honor for your trouble, I just think anything beyond that is not needed.

07/09/2011 05:49 AMPosted by Meredith
We're talking about people who would've spent that time earning Justice points instead. Maybe going out with friends more. Or maybe some poor souls braved the wrath of their significant others just to farm honor. All in all, that time we would've used to do those things was traded for soon-to-be-outdated gear instead. Anybody who wouldn't feel slighted by that quite simply doesn't value time and the million uses it has.

In my opinion, you should always choose friends first. Gaming second. As far as Justice Points are concerned, when you get back that four thousand honor I am sure you can convert it to Justice Points.

With all that being said and me being more awake now, I understand what you're saying, I just don't agree anything beyond the honor cap is needed.
However people are STILL being incredibly rude and arrogant saying *WELL WE WANT OUR STUFF NOW*.

No one is saying you guys don't deserve anything, It's just that people are still being demanding and rude even after the blues said that the issue was being looked into and hopefully fix the problems.

The point of contention is that the 4000 Honor won't be distributed until the 19th, and other possible solutions may take months to implement. That's small comfort to those of us trying to decide whether or not to just go for the 371s, but to me, the mere thought of stepping foot into a battleground right now isn't very appealing. No amount of rationalizing or debating can change how any given person feels about a game. We either want to play or we don't.

It's up to Blizzard to find out whether or not they can manage to persuade people to play again. If they can, more power to them. If not, countless flame wars sure won't do it.

I hate to jump in and ask but where is the 4k on the 19th stated? I haven't been able to check the threads since about page 47 or so (20+ pages!).

Anyways, I have to agree...and I don't feel I'm being impatient, the 19th is quite sometime to wait for the small amount of honor (2 maint days).

I have a few pieces that I acquired prior to 4.2 and will grind those upgrades (as I would never consider them part of the honor fiasco) and will then follow with rings and other unenchantable items.

If it's true that Blizz is going to offer some compensation then kudos to everyone who participated (especially Tauranewone)...It's not whether you were for it or not...it's the fact that a decision was made and everyone on this board had a part in that.

Now go out there and Dance like nobody's watching; Love like you've never been hurt; Sing like nobody's listening; Live like it's heaven on earth and PVP like honor was never involved.

Edit for sticky: T has also posted on the 1st http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2794770941#1
Just want Blizz to know that I am still here and I'm not going to go away without a fight.
I'm not thrilled either tbh, I blew nearly 4k honor on patch day getting 2 more pcs of 365 gear - there should be an option to go trade them in for the upgraded pieces.
07/09/2011 07:56 AMPosted by Kyphos
Blizzard doesn't care about specific players. We're basically sheep to them. It'll be their own doing when they lose all their subscribers.

Yes, they do. In fact, the very forum you're complaining on right now is provided by them, free of charge.

They're not going to be losing any subscribers over something this trivial.
I personally hate when people in the world who let big companies run roughshod over them and still do business with them because they fail to think for 5 minutes that if everyone refused to deal with that company it's behavior would change.

You're right, we should all kick and scream until we get what we want and then watch the game do a nose dive because most of us have no clue about how to balance or program a game.

Blizzard Entertainment is leaps and bounds above any other gaming company when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. In all honesty, go spew this on some other game forum and see if you don't get banned. Also, go demand a change in another game and see if they even reply to any comments.

Stop feeling so entitled because you pay a whopping $15/month for unlimited access to the game. We're getting more than our monies worth.
07/09/2011 08:30 AMPosted by Titvs
I'm not thrilled either tbh, I blew nearly 4k honor on patch day getting 2 more pcs of 365 gear - there should be an option to go trade them in for the upgraded pieces.

Blizzard has announced they're reimbursing honor for the people who bought these pieces.

I would like to be able to purchase the ilvl 365 again, that would be compensation for me. I have all green armor and a blue helm, it doesn't match and I am one of those who needs teh gear to match.

I was very surprised when I went to get my helm thinking how cool i will look and it was blue. I will join the lot in grinding for gear and will mix it up until I start replacing the s9 pieces though and will probably use what ever honor they give me as a bonus to gearing up.

Lesson learned I will not spend honor before the next season begins, honor cap and wait it out.

Closing this thread out as there has been an update on this concern.

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