Shadow Priest Haste Caps Question

How important is it to hit the 2149 (w/Dark Intent) haste cap in 4.2? Does anyone have some sim numbers on how much more dps this is?

My problem is (and I am new to using simcraft so working on figuring it out) is should I go for my haste cap or focus more on the straight ilevel upgrades I have available (a ring, mh weapon, and bracers all 378).

Ty for the input and help in advance.
Who said anything about haste caps for shadowpriests?

Even with the theoretical "haste plateaus," haste is still - point for point - the best secondary stat for us. There is no "reach this point then stop." Keep stacking it. Mastery appears to be our second-best secondary stat, with crit bringing up the rear.
There is no haste cap. More haste is always good.

More haste!

but yes more haste = more deeps but upgrade gear will also = more deeps since you'll have more int and spell power

just gotta find the right balance while gearing up which can be a challenge
totally unrelated Vita / Apoll I see you both have 10/31 builds. Is the Inner sanctum dmg reduction really that viable? Been seeing that build pop up more wondering if it has some advantage now.

People are using 10/0/31 because shadow has two points hanging out there with no real place to put them. You could pick up psychic horror, but you don't really use it in pve; you don't have the 3 points necessary to get silence either. People don't really fill out mental agility because shadow doesn't have all that many instant spells affected by it.

With the amount of raid damage out there, the extra 4% damage reduction's a slight resilience buff in pve.
Yeah that's what I was figuring. Just been seeing it more often these days.
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People don't really fill out mental agility because shadow doesn't have all that many instant spells affected by it.

DP, SW:P, SW:D, shield, MB after spikes, buffs...all instant casts.

But yeah, doesn't matter either way. A little damage reduction is not going to save you if it's you vs. Boss. And what spriest uses inner will?

Ok, haste plateaus to use that term. If you are 100 haste away from a plateau would you reforge out of hit for it..or would you regem out of int to hit it?

how important is hitting that extra 10 haste to gain that extra tic of VT..etc.

I understand haste is always better but I am talking about min maxing and the plateaus are listed in most all guides on EJ's as well as Shadowpriest dot com.
The haste plateaus are listed for general reference and knowledge. However, there are many people that I trust with my shadow priest life that say that reaching the 2149 plateau with DI creates a substantial increase in DPS.

Taken from Kilee's shadow priest guide found on MMO/

You need to reach a haste threshold of 2149 with Dark Intent or 2588 without Dark Intent. Reaching these points is a substantial increase in DPS, and you should try to plan a gearset that will allow you to reach these at the very least.

I'm going to be honest, the past few weeks before 4.2 dropped, I was slowly losing interest in the game and researching stuff about the class, but now that I'm getting back into it, I'm finding out these things. I don't have a lock in my raid so I would have to reach 2588 haste to hit the extra tick. After finding this out, I switched out Lavawalker for the +50 haste enchant to reach it.

Ok, haste plateaus to use that term. If you are 100 haste away from a plateau would you reforge out of hit for it..or would you regem out of int to hit it?

Depends how much hit you have already before reforging out of it. I'd try to stay around 13-15%ish (Not carved in stone, just throwing out numbers) if you're okay with being under cap and reaching the plateau. It all comes with gear, so I'm not about to tell the general public that reaching that plateau is a must cuz some people simply don't have access to the gear.
Ty for the intelligent response..My next question would be:

What is the actual (average) dps increase from going from say 2587 haste to 2588 haste hitting that haste soft cap? is it 100dps..500dps..1000dps..etc.

I know there are variations..single target fights it is probably a smaller increase vs. a multi-dot fight etc..vs. high movement fights.
Wanted to post a bit of info..I finally got simcraft to behave..and this is the info I got

On a patchwerk stile fight wtih the haste @ 2605 the dps was 26121..swapping 20 haste for 20 int dropping just below the soft cap would equal a loss of 153 dps with all other settings the same (10000 iterations). That works out to about 00.58% drop in dps (1/2 a percent).

So you can look at that 2 ways..normally 20 int is way better than 20 this case it was actually a dps loss. That being said 1/2 of a percent is a very small number and rarely would be noticeable at all.

Now a helter skelter type fight the results were haste @ 2605 = 22992 dps..swapping 20 haste for 20 int resulted in a loss of 179 dps. Slightly more dps loss 00.77%. So about 3/4 of a percent dps loss.

I guess this is what my opinion is: Like some of the first people said..get more stats haste being a great one. I have to say the dps increases are there for hitting those plateues but they are not gamebreaking. You could probably improve you dps by a much higher margin by keeping the best dot uptimes than spending hours reforging to hit the numbers.
go to training dummie. you will see a dps increase in a couple of hours.
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