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Aw THAT explains it!
I was trying to do just the same, since I don't have much time to play, I wanted to RP with this character to make a background for my future Human Monk...
But people kept ignoring me and then today they were all confused around me as well....
Damn it they should have at least mentioned this,I've been playing from 1 to 3 am for 3 days now trying to get some RP and now I see that I was looking like some idiot running around and chasing people without saying a word!

Why did you bump a dead thread from July? Don't necropost - please read timestamps so corpses don't float to the surface.

Simply because the thread was helpful. And just as it was for me, it can be for others... That information is not available on their official FAQ you know...
Essentially saying "me too" or "thanks" isn't actually adding anything to the discussion, even if it did merit some kind of update. And this particular subject is very likely to change over time, as more people stick with a trial account -- from what I've seen, gold sellers and other scammers aren't abusing the ability to use /say yet, but if they do and trial accounts are again muted completely, this entire discussion will be outdated, which is why necroing posts is frowned upon.

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