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I'm currently working on Loremaster for my main, and I'm questing in Hillsbrad atm. I just did the Durnholde Challenge quests, and something intrigued me...

Each of the first 4 "bosses" for this chain were all marked as Minion of Al'Akir / Therazane / Neptulon / Ragnaros, according to the Quest Log..However, the 5th one, D-1000 (which I'm already aware is a movie reference) is marked as Minion of "Blue"?

Is this "Blue" character someone that's been mentioned before? Is it a reference from the same movie? When I first picked up on this, my first thought was it might be something mentioned in a future patch..but who knows? Any ideas?
It's likely just a Forsaken creation. Also, there is a mercury-empowered Ascendant fought in Deepholm (in that cave after you find the clues in the Silver Marsh) - the quest text indicates a dire need to defeat him before he becomes more powerful. Maybe the whole mercury thing is more than just a movie reference?

Mercury Sargeras?
It is possible that this is all just something that was "growing" that we "stop" somewhere in a later quest..I'll have to look more into it.
You'd probably get better feedback/discussion on this topic in the Story Forum.

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