Do Spriest need more utility?

Or do you guys feel like you are ok? When I am in a group with my Spriest I don't feel like I am offering alot outside of dps.
Depends. Raid wise, no. I don't offer any good CC after getting away with MCing adds in BoT for a while, my fear is strictly an interrupt, not many things need to be shackled (since it breaks on a breath), my buff is offered by healing priests, which any 25 man raid comp will have at least one, other classes offer replenishment, and boomkins now offer the haste buff as well.
Instance wise, not as bad, but still. MC can ease pulls (most notably ZA's flamecasters to kill an add and itself before tank even pulls), mind soothe can allow passage without fighting, fear can save a healer...

I'd ask for a solid cc or a buff that less classes can provide, but Blizzard is trying to move away from that.
hymn of hope
Im not allowed to sit on raids due to shadow prot
We rock on utility. The 2 hyms. one healing and one mana. I use the mana one most, and not for me but the raids healers. If i see someone dropping fast, bubble. Even a shadow priests bubble is semi decent. a nice 15k block allowing time for healers to recover. 15k was better then what disc started off with that the start of cata.

Life Grip... goes without saying.

The healing that we give off through dps, while not much compared to what it used to be, but i manage a nice 1.5-2k hps in a raid thru dps. Unlike most other classes, our healing from our dps actually hits OTHER people. Whereas a fury warriors etc hits just them.

Shadow priests are in a very good place raid wise.
LOL Be careful about asking for utility - we'll go back to being batteries for everyone else.

i just wish they would give them something to make them such a carry based class(shadow) You have to rely on others to be good in arenas(fmages mainly)
I am oom so much faster than any other character I have.

Mind Spike needs a massive mana reduction. Maybe like... 50% even.

I don't have to babysit my mana on any other character with any other spec like my shadowpriest.
Uh... you shouldn't be using mind spike enough to go oom. Not to mention, mind spike is already considered to be pretty low on the mana. Or are you getting it confused with mind sear, our AoE?

I personally am perfectly fine with our raid utility. On probably 75% of raid bosses, I have to use DH. Occasionally I need to use HoH as well. That's enough.
We're fine.
07/11/2011 12:49 AMPosted by Gellania
We're fine.

We're not fine. We lack an interrupt or some kind of raid utility. DPS is important, and we have great DPS, but having something shiny is important too.
Thank God our dps doesn't suck!
07/11/2011 12:49 AMPosted by Gellania
We're fine.
I'd love a bit of PVP utility. I've been playing my feral druid more often since the patch and I must say it feels really nice to have Cyclone/Roots/Hibernate/Soothe at my disposal. I know they don't want to add more CCs and whatnot to the game but we already have CCs built into the Priest class that could be improved and brought into the modern age of WoW.

Shackle Undead for instance, this spell has received no updates over the years yet we actually have 2 glyphs dedicated to it. The only time you're going to use Shackle in PVP is vs. a DK, either on his pets (Ghoul, Garg) or on him if he Lichbornes. Thing is, it's not even a Banish or a Damage Threshold CC, it's just a plain old CC that breaks on any damage the target takes. So even when there is a reason to use it, 75% of the time when you do actually need it, it's ineffective.

Think about it Blizz, 2 glyphs and one outdated spell...
07/11/2011 12:56 AMPosted by Venaliter
We're fine.

We're not fine. We lack an interrupt or some kind of raid utility. DPS is important, and we have great DPS, but having something shiny is important too.

Having something shiny is nice, but we don't really need one. As it is, our DPS on single-target fights is respectable, and our DPS on multi-target fights is bordering on vulgar. That alone, imo, is good enough to justify our place in the current tier.

If you insist on utility, on the previous tier we were useful for Psychic Scream on Cho'Gall, and in the current one we have Dispersion on Baleroc. When the situation calls for it, you can cast your Hymns too.

There is no point to squeeze additional 'utility features' into our spec because

- CC is nice, not a necessity, and there should be enough CC-ing people in your raid;
- Between tanks and melee DPS, they can definitely work out a working interrupt rotation;
- There should be a limit to class/spec homogenization; and
- God knows what they'd nerf to give us 'utility'.

Hence, to reiterate my previous point, we're fine.
No, we don't need more utility. We don't want to go back to being BC mana-bots whose DPS kept getting cut down because we gave too much mana and trivialized all fights.

Could use some more personal utility, like VE hitting only us for the amount it used to heal. Then we won't need as much care and coddling from our healers who have enough to do.

For 25 mans, chances are all your buffs are redundant. For 10 and lower, we have plenty of group utility.

Fortitude: Great to have (even if warrior tank, since battle shout gives more avoidance)
Replenishment: Sometimes you do not have one of the other classes that can do it
5% spell haste: If no boomkin in group, and if shaman is in group they can drop windfury for physical classes
Power word shield: Can throw that out in emergencies, though not as good as a disc one
Healing spells in general: Can heal for short period of time if needed, though only for short period
Hym spells: can regenerate mana or do healing
Psychic horror: can disarm some enemies in pve, like the smith boss in grim batol
pychic scream: when glyphed, can get some adds off somone for short time, also acts as interupt
Shackle undead: cc for undead
Vampiric embrace: the heals may be small, but over long fights it adds up
Pretty much what Gellania and Meliandris said. We don't need more raid utility, we're fine.

CC isn't needed in most raid encounters anyways, and when it is, there are plenty of other classes who offer it. Shadow priests give replenishment. The only other class that offers this is Destro locks. We also have Hymn of Hope, which gives mana, and Divine Hymn, which gives the raid another healing CD. We don't need a reliable interrupt, as all tanks and melee classes have interrupts, as do mages.

Really. We don't need anymore raid utility.

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