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We wanted to let everyone know that we’re working to address the miscommunication that occurred regarding the introduction of new item level 371 PvP gear, and share our current plans.

For background, many players spent their Honor Points on item level 365 gear once Season 9 ended only to find that more powerful item level 371 gear was available when season 10 started. We should have communicated ahead of time that this was going to be the case, and we apologize for the mistake.

We’ve been working over the past few days to evaluate and determine the best course of action to offer players some kind of compensation for those who were caught off guard by the new gear. The plan we’ve found to be achievable within an acceptable amount of time is to provide players who were affected with 4000 Honor Points. This extra Honor would function similarly to the currency down-conversion in that it would stack over the cap, but you would not be able to earn more until you spent under the 4000 cap.

The process of determining who was affected is certainly the most difficult task of this issue, and the entire process of figuring out who should receive the Honor or not and then delivering it isn’t anything less than a giant undertaking. We’re still evaluating many of the processes that will be required to make this happen. Although we’re fairly confident we can pull it off, there is still a chance it may not be possible. Due to other service related work the soonest we would be able to distribute this Honor is the 7/19 Tuesday maintenance. More complicated solutions we discussed could take months to implement, but we felt getting something to those affected as quickly as possible was more important.

Although some of this is still uncertain we felt it best to let people know as far in advance as possible to allow for adequate planning. We’ll be able to provide more information and specifics on how this process will be carried out, and the requirements to receive the 4000 Honor, next week.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by our miscommunication. We greatly appreciate those who took the time to give us constructive feedback on the matter.
at least the armory can show what players purchased last week. i would think that would make things easier.
Ty so much for the reply so we know you are trying to fix this issue :)
I grinded through 13100 honor during that week. 4000 honor isn't anywhere near enough.
Thanks Bashiok for providing an update. I will update my first posting to link to this Sticky.
Was just about to head out the door and thought I'd check for any news.

Glad I did.

I am certain that there will be much debate over your suggested 4K honor compensation.
I, for one, appreciate the acknowledgement and the gesture.

Best of luck on making this happen by the 19th.

Thanks for the update.

This is about 12k less than what I spent and 4k more than I expected to get.
gosh i hope 4000 is enough to replace all the pieces i bought last week!
Respectfully Bashiok, this compensates us how? Most of those affected have already been grinding honor for the new gear and may be (if not already) outfitted in 371 gear. This simply provids us with additional honor that could onlybe spent on vendor items, which value for value doesn't even come close to the gold and gems spent for itemization. Further, by 7/19/2011 (the projected earliest date of reconpense) even those of us that are a bit slower than others in grinding will be outfitted.

Make no mistake, I personally and sincerely appreciate the recognition of the issue and the admission of responsibility for both of the mistakes that led to this. However, what has been sugested doesn't in truth address the loss of time or frustration.

I know you and other CMs are players. In all honesty and as a player, would this satisfy you personally? Your developers are players. Would this satisfy them?
You've caught a lot of flak the past few days and will undoubtably catch ALOT more.

Thank you for the attempts to smooth it over.

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