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While I agree that 4000 honor is not nearly enough for some it is a decent blanket compensation. I still have to ask that why you are not just merely updating all the 365 gear that is out there to 371? We as a whole still fail to see the purpose of the new tier of gear and still have not received any blue post about why you felt that it was a necessary addition in the first place.

That being said, the question that I must ask, mostly because some stuff obviously does not get thought of down at the home office. Is that will this honor be considered "earned during the current season?"
Some of you seriously thought Blizzard was going to send everyone 20k honor, thousand of gold, gems and enchants to compensate?


edit : I'm not saying 4k honor is the best solution, but expecting so much to begin with is ridiculous.
Sounds like fair recompense. It's not like we were forced to buy the gear (was like yay old conquest stuff with honor!). It was all new(er) and good(er) than the old shabby PvP gear we were wearing.

So we did wear it to the party (kill the enemy party) and it's probably covered with dirt/blood/sweat/tears by now (I went to my first guild rated BG party. Big partay).

Getting refunds on very used, soiled garments at this point would be pushing your luck at the department store. Or get tossed out by store security.

I'll take whatever I get and be grateful. =)

Just bite the bullet and upgrade all S9 Vicious to 371.
They know it's not enough. They are just trying to provide some damage control by doing something sooner than later.

They hear us loud and clear.
There are folks that accumulated tens of thousands of honor during that week. Those are the folks that deserve the most compensation. But instead the only people who get full reimbursement are those that spent considerably less time. The whole thing is backward and insulting.
4000 gold > 4000 honor.
I spent far, far more than 4000 honor, plus a huge amount of time, on getting a *full* set of 365 gear as fast as I could. As did many.

Simply put, if you don't do much, much better than this, I'm cancelling my account. And I will recommend to everyone else that also plays this game, that they also cancel.

This is not acceptable. Period.

If I had a penny for every-time someone made this kind of a threat, I would have a lifetime wow sub + transfers. Even more if someone mentioned the lol600ksubs. I'll see you next week.

4000 honor maybe How about a ticket request from toons to get it?

Would also be nice to get the gold conversion like you went 4000 over cap to help ease the pain of enchants on gear.
Firstly, I would like to thank you for the response. The boards have been pretty heated and i know CMs are just the messangers, and you have all handled it pretty much as best you all could.

I will try and keep this short. While i understand the reasoning behind this method, i still am ambivilent about it. While the 4 k honor will slightly over compensate some of my toons for the time and effort lost due to the miss communication, it will severly undercompensate this one, and under compensate a couple of others. So in the end in am still in a pretty deep whole, grinding wise. I will not have the time going forward to to grind out the honor like i did during the week between 9 and 10. I understand why it is being done this way (quick resolution and an offer of quick compensation to those affected, the extreme difficulty to tailor an individual solution for every case), and it may in the end run be the appropriate solution for most of those affected, but for me it falls short and this whole experience will affect me going forward. So I am still on the fence about this and my future game play.

Lastly, regardless of how this affects me and playing the game, I REALLY hope that this kind of horrendous miscommunication never happens again. Regardless of my perosnal feelings about this incident, this is a good game you have here, however for a company of Blizzards stature and experience to let this kind of customer service / public relations disaster to occurr is mind boggling. While some would write this off as a learning experience, to be frank with this development team's experience and professionalism, it should never have happened in the first place.


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07/08/2011 06:47 PMPosted by Zephram
4000 honor doesn't begin to cover the over 20,000 honor + gems and enchants I blew last week, what a joke.

dude, you're a cow with the insane title, you have no right to speak about grinding senseless crap. most of the people here complaining about how they got screwed over with conversion don't even have arena teams or decent rated bg teams. what are you complaining about anyway? you started with, being generous, rare-quality pvp gear and now you're as geared as people before this season started. call it free gear and move on, or better yet start doing some pvp, learn how to use the crap you just farmed for less than a week and stop your whining.

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