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OMG people.
1) its JUST A GAME
2) i am sure you had fun grinding out that honor to begin with
3) i may be mistaken, but 4000 is all that you would have been aloud to keep once the new season started
4) You are getting SOMETHING. If you don't want what you can get then don't take it and shut the hell up
Just make the 365 items a token for trade up to the 371, like what is done with normal pve to heroic gear.

4K honor delivered by the time everybody will have their full set and will have nothing to spend it on except for trade goods. If that's the solution your going with you should include some conquest points in with it so at least people can upgrade their gear some.
They should remove PvP armor from the game and when you go into a BG/Arena, you are automatically equipped with a suitable set of PvP gear. Reward success in PvP via mounts/titles.
07/08/2011 07:02 PMPosted by Karmaze
They should remove PvP armor from the game and when you go into a BG/Arena, you are automatically equipped with a suitable set of PvP gear. Reward success in PvP via mounts/titles.

World of Warcraft is all about Gear first, skill second. What you're suggesting contradicts the design of this game set by the developers.
Sounds like fair recompense. It's not like we were forced to buy the gear (was like yay old conquest stuff with honor!). It was all new(er) and good(er) than the old shabby PvP gear we were wearing.

So we did wear it to the party (kill the enemy party) and it's probably covered with dirt/blood/sweat/tears by now (I went to my first guild rated BG party. Big partay).

Getting refunds on very used, soiled garments at this point would be pushing your luck at the department store. Or get tossed out by store security.

I'll take whatever I get and be grateful. =)

Did you grind honor during June 28th- July 5th or were you already full vicious before that?

I wasn't full. Had some pieces. Grind-ed, ground that week - I played a lot of BGs. Nowhere near the 20k honor people - they must've only done honor afk-grinding (were you guys those that I yelled at to get the f out of the house and kill sumthin?)

I was playing in the Firelands mostly. You know, the story part of the patch. Shopping for PvP gear in-between. I've always shopped for PvP gear since vanilla.

Why? You can get 4k honor in a few nites of play-til-I-win-my-daily-BG. Buy a few pieces every few days. If you go overboard and do Xtreme-BG til you bleed through your eyes, that's not my problem.
Due to other service related work the soonest we would be able to distribute this Honor is the 7/19 Tuesday maintenance. More complicated solutions we discussed could take months to implement, but we felt getting something to those affected as quickly as possible was more important.

So will there be further compensation after the 4000 honor damage control? Many players spent way more than 4000 honor last week. Not to piss and moan or anything, just wondering what to expect given that it's not 100% clear.
Yea, honestly, this is a start, not a solution. I expected better Blizzard, I really did.
I still don't get why we have to grind honor in between every season. I think it was Zarhym who specifically said we wouldn't have to do that anymore? Its pretty lame that the old season's Conquest gear doesn't just become the new season's Honor gear.

I don't see PvE players having to farm entirely new sets of gear in between tiers.
Thanks Blizz for the gesture, it's appreciated. It would be impossible to really reimburse everyone.
The only thing i can see that people are mad about is, blizzard released a new tier of gear after you just worked to get what you have.

I dont see paragon crying that blizzard released Firelands after they geared all their guildies and their alts with top end gear.

/cry they added more gear
It happens, the game progresses.... Gear becomes obsolete faster than you think.

If you buy a computer this year are you going to be mad when a new model comes out next year?

Are you mad that your 3g phone cant do 4g?
are you mad that your tier 11 isn't tier 12?
I bet your also mad that your plasma screen isnt a LED screen TV as well?

I have yet to see any company pay you money back because you bought last years model when this years comes out.

Be happy you get something
Sweet! I figured blizz would just let you turn in season 9 gear for season 10 but 4000 honor is nice as well.

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