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I spent over 25000 honor for my dk and i didnt get anything this is such bull @*## also i spent like 5k honor on my lock and 6k on my druid alas i got 0 honor compensation for any of my toons

Thx Blizz

Rly Blizz?? Rly??
07/19/2011 11:08 AMPosted by Mystiker
I'd like to thank blizzard for getting everyone hopes up and smashing them down in blaze of glory by telling them that everyone was getting free 4k honor today and keep insisting that you giving it to us. Only to find out that you award people that bought items and not trade goods during that week with there honor points. We pay 15 bucks just like that rest of them and you insist on awarding people who don't deserve it . Like my mom always said "If one gets it then everyone should get it." So, blizzard thank you for making go play RIFT once and for all because of your favoritism towards players that bought only gear with it there honor and not enchants or trade goods or heirlooms . This is one subscription you'll be losing today .

Troll post? The only reason people are getting any honor is because they bought 365 that was replaced one week later without any announcement ahead of time. Trade goods don't apply to that.

And what about the rest of us who didn't NEED gear, and spent all our honor not knowing Blizzard was going to bone us four days later and require us to farm all new gear?
I didn't get any honor either. Thanks a lot. I know it was after the 4.2 release because this toon was level 85 2 days after it hit.
I bought everything but my bracers, thrown, and wep during AV weekend and got jack #*!@. GG, Ty blizz
Spent over 20k+ Honor on my Druid and 15k+ On my Warrior. And No Honor Compensation. Thanks Again Blizzard.

Almost everyone who bought "ONE" piece of the Season 9 Vicious got their honor though. Makes complete sense amirite?
Hello, during the season transition I farmed 25,000 honor on four different toons, I am a multiboxer. I have recieved NO compensation for my wasted time and I am considering cutting off my $60 a month to Activision Blizzard as retailiation. If you do not correct this issue you will lose a valued customer.
didn't win you guys are going to wait for us to get all the 371 gear and then refund, when the compesation would be meaningless?
I grinded my butt off for when S9 gear was purchasable with honor then a week later they bait and switched us all without any notification.

Then they promise to give us 4k honor as compensation today.

Now I get jack squat even thought fully decked out in Season 9 Gear which is worthless and outdated and I Refuse to regrind back honor to purhase the new pvp gear

Just pray this mess doesnt happen again!!
Bought an entire Holy Set during that week and nothing. That's cool
I got the 4000 honor on my alt but not on my main (this toon).
Oh look, nothing happened.

We all got trolled by blizz. Again.

Well played good sirs, well played.
Bought shoulders, gloves, neck and chest during that week, no honor reimbursement received. Not happy
Hello again, multiboxer. Two of my four shamans recieved the 4k honor. Did you just hand it out to random people Blizzard? Your system for selecting eligible players makes 0 sense.
I did not receive compensation!!!!????!!!!!

As you can see from my feed, I got my gear all the week before the surprise change:

07/19/2011 11:14 AMPosted by Hadyn
Bought entire 365 set that week, received zero honor. You're the best blizz, i guess the same detective thats sniffed out all those win traders and mmr exploiters also were in charge of finding out who spent honor that week.

I must have hit the honor cap at least 2-3 times between 4.2 and Season 10. Now i log on today hoping for my 4k honor, and i get nothing!?

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