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You guys saying stupid comments such as thank blizzard and troll comments will not help at all. Wait for a blue post and see what the buzz is. Gosh. This may be harder for Blizzard to do than you guys think.
WTB my honor? thanks blizzard.
No compensation honor for me either. I didn't exactly go all out like some of the posters in this thread did, but I farmed honor during AV weekend, bought two pieces of PVP gear and turned the rest into justice points for T11 gear.
#%%# this
Spent over 14k the first week after the patch and got nadda...
Presumably they didn't actually get the comp done this maintenance. I certainly was entitled to it on my hunter and didn't get anything.
Yup, bought a Season 9 set and got no additional honor points today. Waste of my time and I'll think twice before I grind for gear in the future. Thanks for making your game NOT fun to play Blizz, then promising compensation and not delivering. The latter is even worse.

Troll post? The only reason people are getting any honor is because they bought 365 that was replaced one week later without any announcement ahead of time. Trade goods don't apply to that.

And what about the rest of us who didn't NEED gear, and spent all our honor not knowing Blizzard was going to bone us four days later and require us to farm all new gear?

I still think blizzard need man up and give everyone the honor and not people who bought something because it makes most of us feel like blizzard doesn't appreciate there players and love taking our money and buying diamonds with it so they can eat more diamonds like Michael Morhaime and Bashiok does !!
Spent over 20k honor in the first 2-3 days of 4.2 and I didn't get 4000 but my friend who only farmed like 8k honor got his 4k ....
blizz is so fair lmao
I didn't get my honor either and I rightfully farmed my 365 during that week between seasons and was looking forward to getting that honor today as noted by the blues announcement.

Do I need to submit a GM ticket? And is this an issue that the GMs can resolve?
5 level 85 toons, this one did get the 4k honor as promised with a nice little note in my ingame mail. However, the other 4 toons that did the same thing . . nothing!

I know blizzard will take steps to correct this oversight . .. right?
I also am a little confused as to how I did not recieve any honor for all the PVP items I bought once season 9 ended. Would love some answers Blizzard.
By the responses in this fourm it looks like blizz has screwed us over once agian. I also famred 10-15k on the AV weekend, to have all my 365 gear useless no less than a week later... I was promised 4K honor for some partial re busrtment, debating on canceling my subscription absolutely RIDICULOUS
I gained the full season 9 365 gear (all slots, got the Cataclysmically epic achievement from it) before the new honor gear hit. I was not compensated with any honor. I'm sure there are some circumstances us on the player end can't see, that precluded us from what ever code they whipped up to intelligently dole out honor.
07/19/2011 11:19 AMPosted by Stellan
Presumably they didn't actually get the comp done this maintenance. I certainly was entitled to it on my hunter and didn't get anything.

some people got it and some did not...this entire event would have to improve to just reach the level of looking like a monkey f'ing a football...
How would it make sense to give every single person honor, regardless of whether they purchased something or not? The 4000 honor was intended as compensation, not as a free handout. It isn't some sort of favoritism. It's making sense. Now if only we actually received the honor...
I didn't get the 4k honor either and I still have 2 pieces of that i365 gear just in case... Oh, and btw, I've won 1 arena match and 0 rated bgs, so I couldn't have bought those with CP :S

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