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"OMG Blizz lied in no way could this ever possibly be unintentional or a mistake!"

That's what you all read like right now. Calm down.
You managed to give 2 of my toons the 4k but missed the other 6. To start off with 4k is a joke considering what i spent on 3 toons (14 piece set) each and now to only compinsate 2 out of 8 is either a oversite or just another way to try to patch this matter up. 1 of the toons that you did replace the 4k with was real close to all I spent on that toon it;s the other 6 you missed that has me ticked off big time. Im not sure how this could be a oversite .
Didnt get mine also.... Buddy did and he only had bought 2 things that week. I bought the whole set. Blarg
Is it delivered via the mail system? Maybe it's just taking some time to show up. *hopeful*
Yeah, Like I thought. Give the honor points only to whomever you think was in arenas at the beginning of season 9. And nothing for anyone that started arenas 2 weeks prior to end and grinded till we had All the vicious gear/weapons (trinkets and rings included). EXACTLY what I expected would happen here, and why were all still upset. Putting in Ticket AGAIN..


No honour here either. I kept my now replaced 365 gear in the bank too, as proof..., nah kept it to disenchant later :p
Didn't get anything on either char.
If I were you i'd be a little more thankful, Some people (including myself) didn't get honor at ALL... and your complaining you got 8k honor. But you want another 24k honor? Really, Let Blizz fix their situation up. give at least everyone one character's worth of Honor, Then people who fit the reqs for more can complain so they get more. Cause really. You already got 8k Honor, so. Be Happy you got SOMETHING...
"OMG Blizz lied in no way could this ever possibly be unintentional or a mistake!"

That's what you all read like right now. Calm down.

They lied when they said they could do it. Hows that for a start?
Some how I did not get my compensation, I know some people did and some did not. Seems completely random. Hopefully the ticket queue length is not to long...
So where's this honor?
Yup, no honor refund for me either.
I didn't get honor on any of the four characters I got some s9 stuff on. /shrug Not a huge deal to me, but it would be nice.
got it on 1/4 chars
Yes I too would like to know.

I did not get any honor today on this toon or my rogue (both of which 30K+ honor for the season with at least half of that ground in the "stupid" week.

Please explain?
From the CS Forums:

Ok guys,

Looks like they are investigating some of these cases through our game master department, please submit a petition or web ticket here:

***Please keep the following message in mind, you must have spent the honor between the June 28 and July 5 to be eligible.****
During maintenance, 4000 Honor Points will be automatically applied to all characters that spent Honor on any item level 365 items following the release of 4.2, between the June 28 and July 5 maintenances.

The compensation Honor Points given will be able to go over the point cap, but anyone who goes over will not be able to earn more Honor until they spend under the 4000 cap. Any Honor over the cap will need to be spent before the start of Season 11 when it will be converted to gold.
../sigh 1 out of 5 toons received the 4k honor, each of these i had grind-ed out full 9.. blah!
Ok, I'm sick of reading the "Let blizz correct this" posts...


THIS WAS THEIR CORRECTION. And they still eff'd it up. Correct their correction? Do you understand how idiotic that sounds?

Let me remind of the screw ups this season transition:

Strike One: Converting my conquest points to gold a week before it was supposed to. Unintentional but it still happened.

Strike Two: Releasing new gear without telling me it was forthcoming allow me and thousands of others who pvp'd that week to waste their time.

Strike Three: Failing to give me the honor they promised as recompense for the earlier slight.

Ok...I'm sorry, but no more "It's okay, Blizz, sh*t happens, we understand" posts. You had three strikes.

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