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From the "official" compensation post linked here

Around 50% of the intended recipients did not receive the 4000 honor that they should have with today’s maintenance. We’re in the process of scheduling an off-peak maintenance early tomorrow morning to correct that and deliver the remaining compensation packages.

Sorry for the hiccup, we’ll get them to you soon.


Stop asking for Blue posts guys. Here it is as posted earlier.

edit: to add link to post.
I laugh at this whole compensation bull crap... On this toon alone I spent over 20k honor for this useless i365 gear. I contacted Blizz via email and was pretty much told to go screw myself post on forum. Blizz you have officially broken me... I quit... I will not continue to waste time on this game just to have Blizz say, "We screwed up. Go waste more time getting gear we should have told you about earlier." WoW is uninstalled. Coming from a 5 year vet. I will say this... Rift actually isn't a bad game. Tons of elements that WoW should have.
From the "official" compensation post linked here

Stop asking for Blue posts guys. Here it is as posted earlier.

edit: to add link to post.

lol and after two shut downs now i still havent recevied honor on my main pvp toon.

Btw your off peak time is not our off peak time blizz because it was 10pm AEST and 12am nzst when it went down and seeing as it is an oceanic could you please make it a lil later for our realms and why does the season 10 honor gear look like the bloodthirsty gear? getting a lil bit old i was looking farward to some new shiny gear when the new season started, not everyone goes out to do arenas, think about the casual players for once!
All in all, it wasn't the best idea for them to provide just a mere 4,000 honor for everyone. It's kind of bull for the people that worked for the gear versus the people that only got a couple pieces. It's like, 'here is some of the honor you spent for grinding for gear' versus 'oh, here is all the honor you got back for wasting honor on obsolete gear.' Shouldn't that have been put into consideration when refunding a set amount of honor for this?
I supposed everyone around the big table agreed on a lets do something decision, but one that could be immediate. An award of 4K across the board is sloppy, and shows zero thought. Upgrading season 9 to 10 stats on gear purchased, and better timelines in the future are the only solutions that fixes the current and future snafus. No idea how hard it would be to tweak the current season 9 gear, but I do know a 4K honor award is sloppy, lazy, and shows zero regard for Blizz's customers.
There was no Choice for them..... if you think that it was sloppy i don't think so at all.... If 2 million lvl 85's spent honor on gear that was out dated you really think they would look at it case by case??? i wouldn't even expect that from them. Just take it and allow for the mass majority of people affected to upgrade the pieces that they bought pre.
i think this only effected warlocks mostly

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