[Bug] Rake in 4.2

Bug Report
Bug description:
Rake (Feral Cat Form ability) is not interacting properly with the Primal Fury talent since patch 4.2. Rake should give 1 combo point on a hit and 2 on a crit, but only gives 1 on a hit and 1 on a crit. Worked correctly prior to 4.2.

Bug replication:
Simply test on any enemy mob or training dummy.
I can confirm this
Confirmed. Please fix Blizz, this should be hotfixable.
/bump blizz plz look into this issue
Works Fine for me
Oh yes... confirmed
as posted in the similar thread, spam raked a dummy tilll i thought my key was gonna go on strike, but yea, out of 408 landed hits with rake, 408 combo points, 171 of which were crits.
Also having this problem.
fixed :)
Please search the forum for your bug before creating a new thread. I'd adwise any new posters to post in the older thread so we don't have two going at once.

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