So I am having to reinstall windows and wow

after the 4 hour windows install I now have a ~6 hour wow Install.
Gimme something to do :[
Six hours? Really?

You aren't doing this by using the Vanilla disc, then the BC disc, ect are you? If so then stop right now. All you need is the Cataclysm disc. Once it's installed the only thing you'll need are the patches. If you ever have to reinstall WoW always use the disc for the latest expansion. It's not like the old days where you have to do them one at a time.

As for the question on what to do to kill time there's always You Tube. If you're bored enough you can also check out TV Tropes. Finally if you like manga at all try checking out Manga Fox. They've got translations on plenty of great manga that have yet to see an English release ^_~
yeah sorry its been a late reply!
Yeah I lost my Cata CD when I moved so I had to use the download rout. D:
BUT yeah It was all messed up. It was set up wrong on downloading and I had to turn off "Peer to Peer" downloading. Apparently its suppose to download faster that way but I was getting ~30-70KBS! which is super low when its a 10 GB game! But Once I turned it off it was like 1-2Megs per sec. I will check out that TV Tropes thing. I love reading Manga, granted I have not read it in YEARS. I use to read Death-note AS It came out, always waiting on the next book to come out.
I used the down-loader from logging into my account on the WoW site. Took me 20 mins if that.
Well its done now. Probably would help if my hubby didn't download music all night and I had updates running the whole time to catch my computer up. Re installing windows can be such a head ache if you don't back up your stuff! D:
I thought everyone knew that WOW doesn't require you to install , as it doesn't depend on the registry at all.

you can literally connect to a network share and play.
07/11/2011 05:35 PMPosted by Patriarch
you can literally connect to a network share and play.

07/11/2011 06:56 PMPosted by Passiôn
you can literally connect to a network share and play.


You can copy your WoW folder to / from anywhere and run the game just by executing the main program / launcher. You do not have to reinstall if you want to relocate the game's files.

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