Can i convert Valor into Justice points?

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Just as the topic says.

Why? Cause id like to turn em into justice to turn em into honor, that's all.

Hope its not a dumb question, i couldn't find it in the patch notes and maybe im just missing something.
You can't.
Not sure why you can't. We had a giant chain of purchases we could make to downgrade last expansion.
Yup im with you, o well.
why do you want honor? if you convert valor to conquest, then you can get better gear than honor can. unless you are already conquest capped and are just upgrading the last few pieces in your pvp set from season 9 stuff..

besides, valor is worth keeping valor, because the tier 12 items are sooo preeetty, and pvp is easy, conquest comes quick, valor does not, and if you are good enough, your conquest cap will rise, valor cap does not.

if you want justice, farm heroics and regular dungeons. back towards the end of 4.1, i was getting 2 heirlooms a day for just a few hours of dungeons. justice adds up quick if you put in a small amount of time.

if you are just going for honor.. why not farm the BGs? you not only get honor quickest, but you also get pvp experience that will help you in the long run pvp wise anyway.

if its for trade goods, you can get the same items for the same price, honor or justice.

keep in mind, when converting to honor from justice or vice versa, its a 350-250 ratio. you spend 350 justice to get 250 honor, and similarly for the reverse.
Because valor is a worthless currency to those who did not, will not, or cannot quest.
They had a way to swap over Valor to Justice in Burning but I think they pulled that due to arguements like this one

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