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I'm getting pretty sick and tired of playing right through a heroic and getting the 10 mins server reset about the second last boss, with just not enough time to finish, so you spent an hour in there and don't even get the VP. What a waste.

Since 4.2 there seem to be restarts just about every night right during the middle of prime time.

My guild and I are also getting very annoyed with wasting more than 30 minutes for Server Restarts, especially since it's right in the middle of our, and many other guild's Raiding Time.

It's Prime Time for Oceanic servers and I wish they could bring down servers a couple of hours later, after our Prime Time...
yea just got to the last boss to have to get kicked fromt the dungeon and have to wait 15 more minutes for the server to restart...maybe i should stop tanking ...
Give me a simple restart any day, over maintenance night!
Work around it, usually they will give a days heads up and whilst ingame it's a 30/15/10/5/4/3/2/1 warning is it? Correct me there.
Anyway, it's a !@#$% but you should be used to it now, just take a break, grab a drink, go do your buisness and sit back down.
Better them doing a restart than bring it down for maint a couple days later..
OP - go and play EVE for 3 months. After the guaranteed, nightly, 30 min shutdowns, WoW restarts will be a blessing, not a curse!!
Here's a hint change ur raid time cuz they ain't gna change when they restart the server just cuz ur in a raid. If I did fuss you you woulda changed raid time.

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