can you move your Chat box?

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As the topic says i want to move my chat box all the way down in the bottom of my left side of my screen.

Iv seen randoms people have there chat boxed moved but i cant seem to move mine.

thanks to any one who can help me out with this :}
right click on the chat tab. unlock it. move it :D

I'm not sure if the default chat box clamps to screen therefor not allowing you to move it flush with the edge, so you may need to install a chat addon like chatter as well.
well.. sadly enought i have tried chatter.. but i may be a bit to well..stupid to do it.. iv tried clicking unlock on the default chat box but it will not let me move it jsut kinda re size it.. and i never tried clicking chat tab when i had chatter installed but i tried to move it other ways useing chatter.. i guess i missed someting but thanks for at least letting me know it can be moved :} now i just need to mess with it more i guess
While the default chat box can be moved and re-sized, it can not be moved all the way to the bottom of the screen =(.

I have tried the popular chat addons like prat and chatter before, but I also found them to be much more complicated than I wanted. Since all I wanted to do was move the box to the very bottom - I finally found a very simple chat addon to do it. Here is the link:

This addon lets me move my box where I want and puts the entry/edit box at the top of the chat box. Other than that, the configuration options are the exact same as the default.
After you unlock the chat, grab the tab and drag it to where you want it.
sorry, but how do you unlock the chat? I downloaded rChat but it seems to do nothing that I notice.

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