The Fiery Lords of Sethria's Roost

Bug Report
Currently this achievement is only giving credit to those that tag the mob first and anyone in their party. This is leading to a LOT of griefing by opposing factions. Twice now I've been killing one of the mobs and had alliance drag mobs over on top of me who then start throwing boulders at me even though I'm not in combat with them.

To top it off each of these mobs appears to have a 60 minute respawn timer. Which if we assume a person solos all of them only 24 people per server can get this achievement a day with the current way of only the person initially tagging it gets credit.

This needs to be addressed. If it's going to stay yellow for everyone fighting it at least give credit for the achievement to everyone fighting it.
I agree 100% with this needs looked into.
I have had people refusing to help me letting me die then they take over from where I left off and get cridit for it and I never do.
I did way more damage to the thing and they steal my credit :-/
I'd like to see this fixed or changed. All players get loot credit and quest credit if that applies, but not achievement credit if they poke it. I've been narfed out of a couple more than a few times now.
I agree that this needs to be fixed. It does not really make sense that the mob does not tap to the group that gets the first hit but only they get credit for the kill. Either all should get achievement credit for the kill if they hit it or the mob should tap like normal mobs so you know that it is a waste of time to try to help if someone else hit it first.
This is getting pretty frustrating, especially with it being in an area where both Alliance and Horde are questing.

Since the mob does not "grey out" when "tapped", I would assume the intent is for anyone who attacked it to get credit for the achievement. With that design in mind, it puts it on par in terms of difficulty with all of the other achievements added for these daily quests. So why does it not work that way?
It is definitely a bug. If ithe achievement is working as intended, then the mob itself needs to be tagged so people know they won't get kill credit.

Beyond that, on other achievements in the zone - the bombing run for example - you DO get credit for hitting a tagged elite. Fix please.
Beyond that, on other achievements in the zone - the bombing run for example - you DO get credit for hitting a tagged elite. Fix please

Seriously, I never understood the reasoning behind this.
This is definitely an issue. I've been involved in killing at least one of these mobs a dozen or so times on multiple characters and I have only had the opportunity to tag one of them. With the spawn rate the way it is, requiring a person or group even to tag it is more than unreasonable. This area is highly populated, even camping the spawn points for a tag leaves one far from being able to tag it. Fix this please.
Why is this still not rewarding proper credit? I can kill, I can loot, I get credit for other quests that require invaders to be killed, but I get nothing for this achievement.

This bug needs fixed.

I'm assuming this has not been fixed because my alt. a Draenei Hunter killed Fah Jarrak today August 27,2011 at 11.21 a.m server time Muradin Got a screen shot, got the loot and it didn't count. I've put in a ticket. =(
*Edited: Previous edit, just in case it was against the rules.
I can say I won't be attempting this achievement anytime soon again unless and until it's proven to be bug free.
It does seem odd, but one thing that can help with this is asking the person killing the mob for a group invite. As long as you're in the group when the mob dies, you get credit. You don't even have to be remotely close by.
Gibbblets, even if you are right, I dont think you understand quite how difficult those achievements are to do under the current system. They are actually quite rediculous if your not able to solo them. Because by the time your able to find another person to help someone else has tagged it and killed it. My dk has the achievement i just run in and solo. On my mage getting an achievement kill on these is equivalent to a miracle.

to summarise the current problem: These are mobs designed to go down by a group yet gathering a group to kill them when they spawn is impossible because of how the achievement works. On top of this problem certain classes are capable of soloing them. Even if you had a group of players not in a party with you helping you kill the mob, only one player will get the credit.

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