can someone explain?

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Atlasloot is still better, you can actually search for stuff. The dungeon journal only tells you what loot you can find in Cata (for the moment) instances.

And Big Wigs tells me everything I need to know about a boss' abilities, so not like I'll use it for that.

I just like it for the lore it provides.
It is great if you have not done an instance in a month or so and need a quick refresher or if you are tanking the encounter for the first time but have DPSed it a few. "What weapon do I kite Forgemaster Throngus?"
I had a tank the other day ask about what to do for a boss fight, I pointed him to it, the guy left rather than read it rofl.

Probably the people that need to use it, aren't going to be the ones using it ( I'm personally just sticking with atlasloot)
To be quite honest, the Dungeon Journal is perfectly suited for what it was intended to do - give players an objective look at the abilities they will be facing when encountering a new boss. There is no need for including strategies as, while there is generally one strategy more effective than others, there is no "right" strategy.

Case in point - Shannox. Many strategies for defeating this boss call for the single-target burn of one add, followed by simultaneous DPS of the boss and second add before bringing the second add down and finally burning the boss. This strategy, however, is not the only effective strategy to defeating this boss. Some raid groups may decide to apply moderate DPS to all three targets, bringing each of them to a low health percentage before killing both adds together, followed by the boss.

The Dungeon Journal isn't here for those purposes. What the Dungeon Journal does provide is an identical interface for all members of a raid group to browse, discuss, and learn the abilities of various bosses. With that standardized knowledge, strategies can then be formulated within the group.

Personally, as a ranged DPS, I find the Journal very useful in terms of knowing if the fight is going to include adds, burn phases, or heavy movement. No one is saying you shouldn't continue looking at other sources for information on boss strategies. You now just have one additional place to find that information..

..and knowing is half the battle..
I remember when they announced the journal, people was like "OMG, THEY ARE MAKING THIS GAME WAY TO EASY AND GIVING THE LOOT TO EVERYONE AMG11oneone!11!!", now, its this.... "ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, ITS USELESS...etc etc", The wow community just gets better and better... Some people just cant be pleased imo
So theres this new feature, the dungeon journal. Why was it put in? its missing information and doesnt give you any strats, and it seems useful for knowing what loot is on the boss without going to wowhead. why did they spend time adding this?

also is there any way to turn the faces off the big map its actually kinda obstructing my map.

ok .. the strat to kill Occu'thar is to spread out during the fight, avoid the fire, and clump +aoe when he summon the eyes.


ps. that's top secret stuff. So dont go around telling people about that strat.

ps2. your gear being a mix of un-gemmed blues, with heroic bosses drop from previous tier, and that you have 1 heroic kill of each boss on BWD.. that, imo .. screams "NO STRAT IS NEEDED"
Just noticed you didnt even see the abilities until you click the skull button. all it showed was some lore and heroic difficulty only on some zg boss.

I dont get why it cant give you various strategies though or possibly even a video for it
There's a fair amount of missing information, actually. Examples of important facts that are missing:

Berserk Timers (not present for any bosses that have them)
Taunt immunities (Shannox and his dogs, for example)
Lord Ryholith's Superheated buff in heroic mode

Of course there's others as well but I won't list them all. It's not that I'm "looking a gift horse in the mouth," as it were, but it seems rather silly to disclose so much, and yet exclude such important facts at the same time, when the purpose of the journal was to take away that "What just killed us, I have no idea what that was" factor.
Why did they spend time adding this?

It seems useful for knowing what loot is on the boss without going to wowhead.

Blizzard and the community also knows any half competitive raider will not have this as their go-to, end-all manual.
The journal does have items missing from the Firelands Raid.
There is a staff that drops off rag that is not in there.
There are items that drop of any of the bosses in Firelands that is not in there.

And it would be helpful when you are in loot mode, clicking on the item takes you to the boss that drops it, and also being able to change bosses while in loot mode would be helpful too.
07/12/2011 12:26 PMPosted by Wilhelm
tells people who are too lazy what not to stand in even though if they're too lazy to do research on the net they're too lazy to look at the feature.

If someone's never done a dungeon before and asks if there's anything special about the boss, I'm going to assume they already know to get out of fires and such.

I'd rather tell them a short summary like "don't stand in black puddles, click the green cauldron, kill the little adds, ignore the big ones" than say "go read the Dungeon Journal, it's cool, we'll stand around here for several minutes while you read about the history of the Zandalari."
07/12/2011 08:59 AMPosted by Shethor
What I think it is, Bliz is looking at what addons are popular and trying to streamline them into features of the game. That way people rely less and less on 3rd party addons

That is what they are doing. But every time they do this, they never do it right. It's like they suddenly realize they need to put this in, 2 weeks before the patch is due. And then you get this sort of inferior version of an addon for several months until it gets fixed.
They did it with the in-game voice chat, which still isn't as good as vent or the 10 other solutions.
They did it with Questhelper, but it took them months to get close to the same functionality from the in-game quest tracker, and Questhelper still has many features the game lacks.
They did it with various tools for creator armour sets, but again it took months before it could handle a simple thing like not dump all your gear in the first bag.
They did it with Gearscore which was just a terrible idea to begin with.
They did it with threat meters, which are still extremely lacking. How many years will it take before they implement threat bars like Omen has had since Vanilla?

And now this dungeon journal. Meh, if you're interested in the lore it's good I suppose. In my opinion it belongs on the wow website, since all it provides is flavour text for the dungeons and mobs. At the most, it should be a sub category of the map.
It's ironic that they took away a genuinely useful feature like the keyring, so they could squeeze in another button on the interface. Then they use said button for something as useless as this.
It's a handy quick reference for boss fights, and I like the lore and background information on the dungeons and bosses in it. Overall I think it was a great addition to the game, and I'm looking forward to Vanilla/BC/Wrath dungeons getting added to it.
Although yeah, an option to turn the boss faces on the map on or off would be nice.
The best thing about the DJ is the ability to link boss abilities in chat, makes it easier to teach the encounters to new players.
The Dungeon Journal has been invaluable for being as I took a break after hitting 85 on my main, I never attempted any dungeons or heroics. The Dungeon Journal helped explain the fights, obviously experience is better but it's nice to have a reference point too.
07/12/2011 11:54 AMPosted by Derpaderp
although, a button to toggle off the boss buttons on the map will be super awesome.

I very much agree, the boss buttons are super annoying. If somebody is in the area of the boss, their dot is completely blocked. It makes it difficult to quickly determine if somebody has teleported out of the dungeon or is sitting at a boss. Hovering their nameplate does not always provide useful information.

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