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As for the concerns over accuracy, there is always the potential for information to change based on adjustments made to the bosses and the fights. Overall though, the Dungeon Journal should be seen as an accurate representation of the boss fights and abilities. We have seen a lot of misunderstandings or inaccurate information provided via external sources and hope that the Dungeon Journal can better shore up those external sources with its information.

A lot of information is missing on certain fights, especially Shannox. There's no mention of the fact that Riplimb is immune to slows EXCEPT when he's fetching the spear. It doesn't say anything about how Shannox and the dogs are untauntable. And lastly, it doesn't talk about how Shannox can't apply his bleed when he's thrown his spear.

These three things are incredibly important to understanding the fight.

Are you kidding me?

Puzzling out some of the finer points of an encounter is an essential part of the progression experience. A full map of "do this then and then follow up with this etc." would be horrible. Listing the boss abilities and letting you figure out what works vs. what doesn't is more than sufficient.

In fact, it's a travesty that they already list the differences between normal and heroic. I'm all for making raiding more accessible to a broader population, but hand-holding through heroic modes is ludicrous. If the DJ's goal is accessibility, it accomplishes this for the VAST majority of raiders via helping you with normals.

People have truly become spoiled and Blizzard just keeps facilitating it. Blizz, you honestly wonder why your player base has been reduced to a mindless zerg of entitled zombies incapable of forming a critical thought?
I like it :) Just maybe make a little check mark that you can turn it on and off :)
07/12/2011 08:51 AMPosted by Rhyuta
it only has cata stuff.... theres nothing for vanilla, bc, or wotlk. ill stick with atlas loot...

I agree they should add all the stuff and not just cataclysm, and the dungeon journal should NOT include strategies because whats the point of knowing what to do as soon as you enter, you should be able to read what they can do and figure out how to avoid it.

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