Hunters and You: Know the Dangers!

There seems to be a lacking of threads explaining the dangers of fighting, grouping with, and generally associating hunters. This thread is designed to warn people of these dangers, as well as provide a place for constructive and fair discussion on this subject.

Fighting them:

By all means, killing hunters is a noble persuit. However, you should never fight a hunter 1v1. If unavoidable, such as in a duel, a fine strategy is to wait until the hunter gets bored and either forfeits, giving you victory, or takes off his camo. Flying above the hunter so that he attacks you in the air and takes fall damage on the way down is also a valid strategy.
In group pvp targeting hunters should be the priority of a rogue, since their treachery will wreck havoc upon your team and, most importantly, you. When attacking an enemy (hunter or otherwise) who is targeting an allied hunter, it is polite to allow them to kill the hunter, before slaying your target.

Grouping with them:

Of course the safest bet is to avoid this situation, however there are a few ways of dealing with them.
First, in a raid situation, make friends with the raid leader. If that is you, don't do anything creepy, and why the heck did you invite a hunter!? Anyway if you can convince a leader that a drop is a bigger upgrade for you than for the hunter, or that the hunter clubs baby seals with kittens, then your chances for loot will go up.

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" - Old Proverb
In this case, the lemons are the hunters, and lemonade is dead hunters. Blizzard gave us tricks of the trade for a reason, and I'll be damned if it isn't to ninja pull lots of mobs on the hunter. Feign Death is on a shorter CD than Tricks, and if the hunter decides to pull too, well then you have a valid reason to kick em!


Much like hoes, you should never trust a hunter. I once say Ghostcrawler, the tameable rare spawn. I attempted to kill it, but it soon became evident that the take was impossible, so I made the mistake and figured I would give it to a hunter guildie, in return for his basically being doing my bidding. This was in the beginning of Cata, and he has yet to be of any use. In fact, the hunter did what they usually do: ran. In this case, he refused to log on for any reasonable amount of time when he found out he would need to help the great rogue who gave him a rare pet. Learn from my mistake, and make sure any hunters you do things for give you a large amount of compensation.

That's all for now, I hope this PSA has enlightened you as to how to counter the hunter menace that has plagued the rogues of Azeroth for so long. And remember, the only good hunter is a dead hunter. And even then you really outta make sure he really is.

Was reading this forum because I've rolled a new rogue. Had to throw on my hunter suit to respond, lol. Pot, meet Kettle. The real truth is no one likes either of us so why the hate? Entertaining post though. Now I'll go put my rogue suit back on and continue reading.

Happy hunting, I mean rogueing, I mean, ya you know what I mean.

I would rather trust the words of a warlock than a hunter. Now go get me some lunch.
10/20/2011 12:28 AMPosted by Envira
I would rather trust the words of a warlock than a hunter. Now go get me some lunch.

Lets be friends!
As the proud owner of 2 85 hunters (posting on the fresh 85 alt, not the one with Vanilla titles) I promise you that 90% of my HKs on both come from jacking up Rogues on-sight in world pvp, TB, and BGs.

There's just something so satisfying about going Predator on the sneakiest, cheapest class in the game (after Frost Mages).

For example: I never gank lowbies. Unless it's a Rogue. Then I camp them until they delete their toon and roll a REAL class.



You two classes shouldn't fight. Both of you are equally tiny and inferior. Hunter, you and your pet, or as I like to call it, a walking Victory Rush. You may not die to rogues, but I live on the blood of hunters and their pets. And Rogue, you scratching my back with your butterknives. Call me when you dual-wield real weapons.

However, I loved this post. Very entertaining.
Damn you! For a second there I thought Sheeva had come back.
Zomg plz sticky! And whoever voted to give them stealth... We don't need a younger sibling. First they steal our weapons and gear, then our sexy stealth moves? Pure evil
I always molest hunters as a priority. Hunters > Heals > Other Rogues > The rest.

^ Yes I reckon bleeds are the key. Garrote, hemo, hemo, rupture and vanish and watch them bleed out. Rinse and repeat. I use the same on mages, both with good results.
Bleeds and stuns. Hunters cant deterrence while stunned. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for mages.

The only (ONLY) thing that has ever impressed me about a hunter is those who are good enough to disengage back onto ledges when thrown off. I let them live to glorify their moment in the spotlight for about 2 seconds before I lay them to rest.
Hello Rogue trash. I too hate hunters, and will follow these guidelines. When a Hunter is sensed, I shall mount and fly, and will help you by carefully observing from a distance as you do battle.

Trust me, time and old age will do far more damage to the Hunter than I ever could.
2011 rlly

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