Twinks/Heirloom ruining PvP for new player

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so i read this and decided to comment because its funny, I am almost all heirloomed out, and I go into bg's and im sitting on 5k hp as where some lower lvl players than me in blues are at 6k, and yes... i still beat them gear has nothing to do with your playstyle not skill, if you obviously cant play a druid, than reroll and try another class something easier for you, maybe a hunter?
Crying/!@#$%ing/complaining by lazy players are ruining pvp for the veteran players.
Crying/!@#$%ing/complaining by new players are ruining pvp for the veteran players.

With the exception of this thread (OP said relatively new player), a lot of the threads about this subject don't seem to be started by new players. It always seems to be a badly geared alt of a person unwilling to put the effort into their gear or obtaining heirlooms, normally under the excuse that they're too expensive.
I wonder if some of these ppl know they can convert there honor to justice points and buy heirloom??? :O
From levels 10-60 normal equipped players dont stand a chance. We do half the damage, have half the HP, and low stats. I might as well just paint a target on my back saying "I'm wearing regular equipment, you will kill me in 3 hits. Come farm Honor points pl0x" It takes no skill for an heirloom owner to pummel a regular character into the ground -- its just unfair. I know i'm not the only new player to feel frustrated that despite whatever Dungeon gear we possess (or how good we are) we die almost instantly in BGs.

I think there should either be an easier way to obtain Heirloom equipment for new players, or just move all heirloom owners to a separate PVP bracket until level 60 when PvP Gear is available. Make the heirlooms fight other heirlooms, and leave us regular equips to fight and have fun without getting owned for a change. Return the skill factor back to PvP!

I have to disagree, when i started a few months ago i of course had no heirlooms and no money for enchants. I quested/dungeoned my way to 60 and started to get money from my chars and made an enchanter to make my own enchants. I later made other chars (still have no heirlooms besides daggers and a leather shoulders but i dont have a rouge so..) and i am top killing blows/top 3 damage in almost any class i play. I can be top 3 on a mage/warrior/hunter/paladin/druid/ and many other alts that i use. learn to play the class/spec and you will be able to destroy people with heirloom.
Well my humble opinion is your not that higha lvl ..soo lvl a toon on a PvP server..from 1-85 you WILL gte better at PvP . Granted Cata really screwed world PvP no cross roads epic battles no Tarren mill ..South Shore battles but still itss a whole difrent way to play n youll get good at PvP or at least know your toons limits n some of thiers too .. then when you get into a BG youll be way more aware of what to do wehn ...just saying peace
Honestly that just means get an 85. Farm Jp or honor with said 85. Get heirlooms. Start a lowbie. Deck him/her in kickass gear. Pwn some nubs.
If you say heirloom gear is not op then you do not play bg's then. Yea blues might come close for about 1 or 2 lvls. There is no way let's say in a lvl 14 bg that having 2000 health is ok or not op. Some of u need to open your eyes and possibly take a break, wow might be clouding you ability to see clearly. Idiotflesh you sir are eh to easy.
So ability scaling is awful we should ban BoA gear from BGs. First it was twinks and people whined and whined and got their way. Now it's people whining about BoA gear despite the fact that it seriously takes about an hour to go from 10-20 these days. If BoA gear gets tossed, it's going to be dungeon blues and how we should ban them from low level PvP too.

Pretty soon we are going to only be allowed to queue naked and not use skills.

Sounds about right.

After all, I enjoy PVP, and I enjoy giving myself the advantage of good gear in PVP; were they to ban BoAs I would turn off XP and run dungeons over and over to gear up that way before going back to leveling via PVP. So, yes, logically that's exactly what would happen - 1,001 complaints about people in blue gear. People that don't want to put in the time but want the same results as those that do put in the time.

You will occasionally verse people with say 800hp in the 15-19 bracket with xp-on but that is nothing compared to the 1.5k-2.5khp xp-off bracket.

my non twink lock has 700hp in the 10-14.
Please see the below link for any and all your personal gains. Or for any nerfing of another class you would like to cause for personal gain.

This is post number 234,656,324,256,643,897,569,213,456,788.

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Have a nice day.

Linking your own worthless post. Classy.
07/12/2011 01:44 PMPosted by Fiio
I don't mind people that actually play 'properly' in these battlegrounds (actually try to complete the objectives of the battleground), but I detest the players that will sit at your GY and honor farm the **@! out of people that aren't geared.

that's exactly my point. If you aren't geared, you just get farmed. Whether or not it's at the GY. And there isnt anything us non-geared players can do about it. Are we just supposed to suck it up and resign to being punching bags for 50 levels? To me that sounds ridiculous. PvP should be fun for anybody at any level, not just for players who have access to twink equipment.

IMO compared to dungeons and quests, BG's have much more potential for fun/leveling because they aren't grindfests. But as long as the lower level tiers are this unbalanced its just plain discouraging.

heirlooms are blue-equal gear at best. From what i have read and seen, twinks do not use heirloom gear because for their bracket, it is not bis...there is usually something better as a boss drop or quest reward.

A fully heirloomed character is merely a character in mostly blues. Blues and near top level for the bg bracket is usually required to be competitive in a bg.

If you arn't geared your farmed....well, that happens from level 10 to
I have NEVER fought a twink in an xp-on BG

Bull to the crap. last night on my rogue in half BOA I ran into 3 1700 hp Hunters. 3 days later they were level 16 (SLIGHTLY less hp). Hmm... I must have imagined the 1900 hp Bear form Flag carrier last night who was 19. Or maybe the 2400 HP Ret Paladin who 2 shotted my almost 1k hp level 20.

All BOA is doing is letting the twinks who have zero life to begin with, max out then restart their character and level to 16 in about 3-4 hrs.

Im not even new and getting my !@# handed to me left and right by these so called "Imaginary Twinks" granted in the non exp the old veterans are there sporting their 30 stam leg armor that was removed but to those wanting to just have a fun time and break the PVE Monotony, we are met with TWINKS that reroll every couple days. Then we get camped at the GY for a full 25 mins. Sure, they are having fun but where the hell is MY fun? This game is SUPPOSED to be fun for EVERYONE, but sure in the hell cant happen with Twinks who are on US Welfare flat out DOMINATING the BG's. Wouldn't be so bad if the occasional Twink happened but lately that is not the case.

Back when Blizz separated the BG's it was PROVEN that the Twinks were ruining the game (non-exp BGs were deserted). Now they have found a new way to screw us over. We either need tighter Item control (say if your over XXXX HP you queue into a diff BG) to help balance things out or start buffing the "undergeared" side kinda like Wintergrasp used to be.

In either case the GY's need to be like Wintergrasp, INVULNERABLE while you on it so prevent GY camping.

Blizz, you have lost over 900k subscribers, and with the BG's like they currently are, its not going to make new people very excited to keep playing.....

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