RBG queue issues

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Duess - Thats more because no one wants to que into you because you guys are too good :-(
I just spoke with a GM concerning this matter, and am here to report that it is a KNOWN issue that they are working on.

I quote: "the matter is still being looked into. I do know that it can be discouraging, but with issues like this it can sometimes take a while for everything to be complete. :/"

"In the meantime I can offer you a solution that *may* work. Some players have reported that if they wait twice the length of the "estimated wait time" with it not popping, they can drop queue and rejoin and that will assist in getting them in one. However it is something I have only heard of working for some players."

The GM also stated that the people responsible for the forums are a different department, and that to get a blue response we could try requesting a response specifically on this matter. I will be posting this same response in every thread I find regarding this, and hopefully we can spread the word and this will help more players get into their q's while the Devs get this fixed.

Good luck!
We were q dodjin you Audio ; )
yes please fix this soon
Rhamnella - Thanks for this info. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
This is ridiculous, If Q times are improved my entire RBG guild is gonna collapse in the next month... People won't continue to Play / Pay for 10+ minute Qs, much less the 30-60-Infinity Qs we're seeing right now.
Yea we just sat in queue for like 40 minutes twice in a row and didn't get a queue pop. Awesome.
We had two separate groups within the same MMR range within our very own guild and we couldn't get a queue to pop after 9:00 server time.
07/12/2011 08:54 PMPosted by Deuss
Rhamnella - Thanks for this info. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

You are most welcome!
Didn't get a que all sunday night.
Monday evening sike.
tuesday reset for cap 3 30min ques in a row no pop.
@ around 2500 team mmr.
Should we even bother q'ing tonight?
07/13/2011 07:01 AMPosted by Lawson
Should we even bother q'ing tonight?

prolly not until a blue says something
bump. think our teams mmr is sitting right above 2400. no queue pop last night in about an hours time. i have a 3112 point cap and im not going to get my points, not because we cant win game, but because we cant get INTO games :(

if i have to i will pug 2 point wins and 21 point losses just to get the 400 points a win if i have to. im not going to miss out on 1k+ points due to a bug.
This needs some tender love and care from Blizz!
Yes it does.
bump ... i need a fix so i can get some cp points

dear blizzard .... you have me a reason to play rbgs by raising the CP point cap for rbgs ... now i need a get more than 1 game every three hours!!!
bump ques still broken.

Sucks that i can't convert valor to conquest because converted points don't count towards unlocking weapons.
07/12/2011 08:16 PMPosted by Deuss

I'm more surprised your group opted to stay in queue for that long.

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