[BUG]Calendar and guild chat not working

Mobile Bug Report
Just since 4.2, I have noticed that my calendar is not showing raids or events (even holiday events) when I look them up on my mobile armory app (it will show the lines for holidays, and has been showing multiple entries of the event on the first day, but no graphics...and nothing is showing for the Firelands raids). Also, my guild chat in the app randomly disconnects at weird intervals.

Are these known bugs, or is there an issue with the app talking to the armory website/in-game chat?
I am having this same issue with the calendar on iOS.

Its not showing any event images, the Darkmoon Faire for August is not even shown, and the Saturday/Sunday weekly fishing tournaments show as Sunday/Monday now.
I have a bit of a different issue with the calendar myself. I'm using the Android version and my calendar events show up but trying to sign up for them has no effect. The buttons make a click effect but my status is not changed.
I cant get into my guild chat its saying unable to connect

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