Remote Auction House Transaction Limit Error

Bug Report
When using the remote auction house claiming gold or relisting items, both seem to be counting towards the daily transaction limit of 200. This should not be the case. According to your FAQ documentation:

In order to help prevent abuse of this service, there is a system in place to limit the total number of Auction House transactions (including bids, buyouts, and creating auctions) that a single World of Warcraft account can perform through World of Warcraft Remote each day. Currently, the limit is set to 200 transactions per day.

Claiming gold or relisting an item is not defined as a transaction in your documentation.

My Scenario:
logged onto the remote auction house this afternoon. claimed gold on a couple of toons and started to relist items. during the relist i hit the daily limit. i had posted less than 75 items before getting the message that i had reached my daily limit. so either the relist is counting as 2 transactions or claiming gold is counting as a single transaction.
I've experienced this as well.

However, I hadn't posted any items, or relisted any items. I had just claimed gold mails for a few toons. Then I went and searched for a few items and when I went to buyout an item, I was told I had hit the transaction limit.

Then I went to a different toon and claimed gold for that toon.

So without having performed anything that was considered a transaction, I was told I had hit the limit.

This was via the web interface.

I then logged into the auction house via the iPhone Armoury app, and was able to buy items. The same account, the same toon.

I wasn't able to view the auction house via the iPhone Armoury app with a different toon that was level 1
OK, bumping all these topics, because, outside of a small coding limit issue, I can see no reason WHY we have a transaction limit on the mobile armory. We don't have one in-game, so why should we have one remotely? If I could, I would probably average 5-600 transactions every day. Granted this is mostly because of posting single auctions (hundreds of them) and buying up single auctions (hundreds of them). For anyone that is AH self-sufficient, removing this limit would be fantastic.

On the "bot" note - there is very LITTLE a bot could "do" with the mobile armory. The worst it could do would be to buy up "cheap" auctions whenever they are available, HOWEVER, the coding that does not allow you to use Mobile Armory at the same time as the in-game client, as well as the feature that automatically logs you out of the mobile armory whenever you "tab out" to your phone/tablet's main screen or other app, makes the need to prevent abuse a fairly moot point.

Also a side note to the Blizzard "stat-counters" that would say that "not a large enough population is reaching this limit on a regular basis," have little grounds for using this assertion to make the case for leaving the limit in place. The limit has been there SOO long, that those of us using the mobile armory on a regular basis are well aware of the transaction limit and are forced to plan our daily transactions accordingly. This doesn't mean that we are OK with the limit, just that we've gotten used to the handicap and will continue to use the service regardless of it's existence. This doesn't change the fact that the service would be greatly improved by removing this handicap.

OH and I DO write code for a living, just remove the "if" logic check that has the limit please. I'm SURE it's not as difficult as whoever writes the mobile code makes it out to be. It's just not...

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