Fix the targeting bugs already.

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Balance issues can be hotfixed easily because they're simply values in the database. Push a new loot table to fix soloable trash in the Firelands, tweak an overpowered [insert class you hate] ability by messing with the numbers.

But the targeting system is at the very core of the engine; any fix to that is going to be extremely delicate surgery to avoid creating even greater problems.

I'm frustrated too: though I raid as cat dps, I run heroics as tank most often because the queues on my battlegroup are on average half an hour shorter, and my gear's solid for either. The tab-targetting issue is a HUGE pain for almost everyone who plays, which is why they're most likely taking the time to get it right, instead of pushing a patch or hotfix that doesn't actually fix the issue when they say it does, and get people howling for their heads.

Software development for WoW must be an incredibly thankless job--you do your job right, everyone rejoices for a bit, then forgets you the next day... screw up just once and frothing mobs of people want your head.

Any blue who reads this, please pass on my many heartfelt /hugs to the dev team. =^_^=

(P.S. Heck, do your job right and people STILL get mad at you for nerfing their favorite ability. XD)
It's pretty ugly in battlegrounds, trying to target and getting switched all over. At first I thought it was hunters/rogues redirecting or something, but it happens with everybody...
I'm betting this bug will send the tank queues plumetting :D
The issue specifically with targeting dead targets will require a client-side patch to address.

it's not just dead targets. that's what's most noticable but it actually does "targetlasttarget" even if it's alive, if you use an instant cast within 1-2 seconds of using tab, it switches to last target before casting spell, dead OR alive.
it'd be nice if they fixed the pet AI they screwed up in 4.2.

i've misdirected to my pet, multi-shot a group of mobs, and after the one the pet first attacked died, he went back to my side and sat idle until I re-attacked one of the remaining ones
it'd be nice if they fixed the pet AI they screwed up in 4.2.

i've misdirected to my pet, multi-shot a group of mobs, and after the one the pet first attacked died, he went back to my side and sat idle until I re-attacked one of the remaining ones

I can tell you that the change WAS intended. What they did was remove "aggressive", perhaps due to confusion or obtuseness by new hunters, and replaced it with "assist". This means that the pet will attack a mob, outside of using AOE, if you are attacking it. You may have to put the pet in "defensive" mode instead and hope that the mobs you're dealing with actually "hits" the pet to register themselves on the aggro table so that the pet will continue to attack them after the first mob has died. Even so, sometimes that stance doesn't work as advertised and crabby will come running to my side, an army of angry mobs hot on its claws.
To be fair Zarhym, when there's something tiny that benefits a small number of PvE players in a way you don't want it to, it's hotfixed within hours. If it effects PvP to the same small degree, or doesn't have to do with shortening the gear grind, it becomes weeks/months/years (vanish). This is a trend that has been consistent since... forever... I think he's within his rights to make the observation publicly.
well seeing how long it took them to fix the auto acquire target bug for hunters, you're in for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG ride
Yeah this bug is becoming a huge pain in my butt.

Just got done trying to do 2's for points with a friend, and I kept randomly switching between the two people we were fighting.

Trying to down one person and losing target is a real pain in my ass.

Please fix this....

Well, I'm fairly certain this bug was reported on the PTRs and never should've made it live.

I WISH I had bookmarked the blue post that said as much, but they DO NOT use the PTR to fix bugs before they hit the live realms. They're useful for "reporting" but as many can testify, most PTR bugs reported do make it to live realms.

Most make it through because "the sample size is too small". They cannot take 3 or even 4/10 testers at face value for reporting a bug and divert resources to that bug. That's the simple truth. That line I do remember clearly.
I want to add some actual useful information here and hopefully this is the place to do it.

I have the biggest issue with this bug (or series of bugs) in ZA during the Lynx packs before the lynx boss.

What happens is one lynx dies, another lynx with low life hits me and takes my target and dies; however, this target dies so fast the game 'assumes' that I manually targeted him and will not drop him after he dies. At this point, I have to manually select another target.

I believe how it should work is that if your current target dies, you are no longer targeting them so something is happening when the target dies under certain circumstances that prevent it from clearing (I think).

Anyways, hope this helps.
Thanks for the great response, Zar! :)
i never noticed it till last week :P i never tab... i only auto attack and now thats affected too

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