Doomguard/Infernal 5 minute cd with debuff

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Basically what I want is for Doomguard/Infernal to have a 5 minute cooldown, similar to bloodlust/heroism and give us a 10 minute debuff called like summoning exhaustion or something that prevents us from summoning another one.

The 10 minute debuff would stay while your dead, and could only be removed early by wiping to/resetting a boss similar to when the shared battle rez cooldown goes away. That should solve all potential issues. It could also go away when we defeat a boss if bliz wants it to, we regain our energy from the kill :P Any time remaining from the 5 min cd would still be there of course.

The main reason this should be implemented is so in PvE we can use our guardian every fight/attempt. Typically with the current 10 minute cd, it is every other attempt that we get to use it because it doesn't take nearly 10 minutes to wipe to something and run back and have everyone set back up again.

The doomguard/infernal is a very significant part of our dps, and much more so for demonology.

Why should we not be able to use our big dps cooldown every attempt? Doesn't make too much sense.

I havent done much pvp in a while, but i assume you still can't use them in arenas, so this wouldn't affect that at all. And in battlegrounds it wouldn't change too much either, considering you typically die to something fairly often so your guardian probably wont live for its full duration even if you get to summon it slightly more often.
I like your idea, you got my vote
As far as PvE I'd agree. I hate getting to a burn phase on a boss, lusting, popping CDs, and sending out my doomguard, only to wipe with a couple percent left. Then going in for attempt 2 but not coming as close because the doomguard isn't available. Making every other attempt essentially a waste (if the kill is cutting the soft/hard enrage close) unless you feel like sitting and doing nothing for 5 minutes is really annoying.
It really should be a 5 min cooldown.
I have to say I agree with the OP. Great idea!
A debuff that lasts for 10mins (so can't be used in Arenas), but when we die the buff is wiped, making us fall back to its 5min ICD so we can use it in PvE?

This sounds great !
That's why it will never happen.
Please, developers, come to this thread, read this idea, and respond?!?!?

It's a wing and a prayer, I know.

You have my vote
This is awesome. I clicked the 'Like' button. In fact, I posted another thread like this today, but I didn't see the one here in warlock land.

07/13/2011 05:51 AMPosted by Stardustv
I like your idea, you got my vote
yes please, I never want to use it because of the ridiculously long CD...
this needs to be on the DD forums.
To add it to the list of elegant solutions Blizzard will ignore.
This, in my opinion, does need to be addressed.
I would like this to be a 5 min CD, It would be good to have a consistent DPS output on every fight.
I like this Idea as well, I hate having to switch back to affliction every other attempt because the Doomguard is in CD, its a substantial dps increase.
Cmon Blizzard, read this.

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