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Will this honor count towards the S9 weapon requirement?
What about the people who didn't need any 365 gear, so they converted everything to get more heirlooms or materials? Had I known there would be 371 gear, I certainly would have done it differently.
So use it for mats or for your offspec PVP gear. It's better than nothing and as annoyed as I was by their lack of communication the fact remains that you couldn't have walked into the 371 gear with more than 4k honor no matter how you look at it, so they don't really owe you more.

If you want to play the "I spent time grinding" card. I'll counter with "Did you have fun playing those BGs?" And if you didn't, why were you playing them?

I like PVP, I enjoy it, even the unbalanced normal BGs, so some extra grinding is no big deal to me.

really what they should have done is simply gave everyone 85 4k can only buy one item with it anyhow and it still does not make up for the tons of gold players spent on enchanting this gear ... and lol at your suggestion at buying mats with it ...have you looked at how much that stuff costs in justice and honor lol ....can't even use it for one enchantment ...all the time it took to farm the honor and the time it will take to replace the gold spent on geming and enchanting is worth more then the spit in the face this so called compensation is ...i did not farm or spend that much gold on stuff but i understand how those that did feel about what happened ...sadly they did not make me play so i say nobody else waste there time on this game and you know they will do something like this again and you already know how little they are willing to go to fix there mistakes ...time to stop wasting you time and money on a game run by a company who apparently just does not care about its customers
So the people who spent conquest the week the arenas ended becuase there was no precedent for, and you said nothing of, a new tier get the shaft?


This 4000 honor if you spent honor during that week is a simple process. Either you can find this via some sort of logging or you can't.

The main issue here is giving people compensation with a simple series of database commands is easy, and will be done easily.

Giving those who fall outside of your easy, lazy scenario compensation is harder because it requires manual case by case consideration. That leads to expense. Whoops, can't have that. Spending cash on customer service? Not an option.

So sorry to all of the people who don't fit into the database query parameters that those who are getting compensation do.

Sorry to those who spent conquest without playing any games because it shouldn't have mattered. Sorry to those who spent conquest and played inconsequential games that could have held out for more items. Sorry to those who used honor for, you know, things other than s9.

Sorry to those who didn't BG grind honor that week who are now behind those who get free tier S10 upgrades because they didn't think they needed to upgrade full s9 to anything that uses honor.

I love how I actually was looking forward to not needing a BG grind or doing the toilet that are RBGs ever. Now I'm required to do both if I want to maximize. I guess just doing arenas is out of the question.

Now to min/max you have to do PVE (I can't even do enough dps in baradin hold to not be a burden on my group since i'm not interested in collecting PVE pets/armor), I have to do some RBGs because for whatever ridiculous reason the caps don't start the same, and I have to do BG grinding for micro upgrades.

All of that to be "ready for arenas"? Laff.

You do realize you could just do Arenas. It'd just be a little bit slower.

Just like people can and do jump into regular BGs without the crafted PVP set you could jump into Arena with Season 9. You'll be at a slight disadvantage to begin with, but you'll catch up and move into real Season 10 quickly. Completely skipping BGs and the 9.5 gear. Will you gear a bit slower than someone who does RBGs? Sure. But you're not forced to and you can still be competitive without doing them.
Actually, Dil, You could walk into the current arena RBGs with the 365 gear and be okay last I checked. I won't take the stance that the 371 isn't superior or doesn't offer a bonus, but insisting you need it is a bit much. You spent time playing a game you like (I hope you like it, otherwise why are you paying for it?) Take it for what it is.

As for the PuGing with Bots. I hate em too, but I see them a lot less than the posters of this forum make it seem. So unless I have some magical anti-bot luck, the problem isn't quite as bad as people make it out. Go play the game, remember WHY you're playing the game, be happy you're getting something instead of just a written apology which is all they really owe us.

Edit: For what it's worth, I was Alliance till about a month ago. Switched because my IRL friends on Alliance side quit or stopped playing as much and I have a bunch of friends over here on Duskwood as Horde.

Just a little advice, I would just stop replying if I were you. Sounding like a tool just isn't cool.

There is no other billion dollar company on earth but Blizzard who treats and offers customer service like they do. Poor Service!

In a real world case, they would have gotten BBB report complaints.
So anyone disagreeing with you is a tool? Or just me because I don't think Blizzard owes us more? If you can't actually debate my point, don't post. Insults don't help your side and don't hurt mine.

As for Blizzard's "Poor service" and "real world would get BBB." You're sadly mistaken.

Blizzard actually has amazing customer service. Ever been hacked? Ever seen another company make a mistake that cost you time but no money and actually bother to offer any type of compensation? You're making a very poor mistake by comparing what YOU think you deserve based on this screw up versus the company's actual behavior.

You want to convince me and others that Blizzard is out of line? Don't tell us how evil they are, don't call anyone disagreeing with you names. Give us examples of other companies making similar mistakes and then getting in trouble for it. Give us legitimate examples of what you think they should do instead of the 4k honor boost?

Be more than happy to discuss those points.
Again, we apologize for not communicating the item level 371 gear introduction, and hope these 4000 Honor Points will offer you some help in obtaining the correct items.

I bolded that part above, myself. Even you guys seem to be admitting that "some" does not equal "enough."

And, an earlier statement of Blizzards admitting to fault implied more compensation might be coming later. Will more compensation be happening later, or not?

Let me quote the relevant sentence from earlier:

"The plan we’ve found to be achievable within an acceptable amount of time is to provide players who were affected with 4000 Honor Points."

This implied that perhaps later more compensation might be given, it's just that you couldn't do it properly, quickly.

If nothing more is coming, then I'd like an official explanation please as to why a mere 4000 honor is considered acceptable compensation when many like myself earned many times that amount of honor, PLUS spent a great deal of gold on enchants and gems, on what was presented as the new top level of honor gear - but basically wasn't?

Because we're only hearing what is the compensation you're getting to us "quickly." We're not hearing an official explanation why that's (perhaps) supposed to be enough, for example in cases like mine?

I need to know. Please.

Kakita is a sheep. He will allow anyone to walk all over him and just say sorry. He has no backbone or any self worth. The fluoride in the tap water is working nicely on this one.

Dumb, complacent, unable to see the big picture, not likely to revolt.
This is why you're a tool.

You're upset over a video game.

Put that into perspective for a moment.

If you truly felt that Blizzard treats their customers so poorly, then why do you continue to give them your money each month?

My God people, they made a mistake and have apologized, get over it.

I did the AV grind for a full set of the S9 gear.

Then the following week I did another grind and now I have a full set of the S10 gear.

You can either sit and cry, or you can grab a tissue and get over it.
Dil, you're really completely unable to debate the point at hand? That alone proves you have no real arguement. As for your attacks on me.

No, I'm not complacent, nor do I take things lying down. But I do have priorities and a realization of what is important. My job shows me every day where there are bad things that need to be fought. Blizzard making a mistake and giving a small compensation and apology doesn't remotely compare and never will.

But please, enlighten me. What is the "Big Picture" at hand in this?
Another example of feedings bad players, in this case the ones that didn't have full 365 before the end of the season. At least it wont matter, cause those players will still be terrible.
Hooray! I get my 371 trinkets on Tuesday! For Free!

Thanks Blizz! I think this is a nice compromise.
Or some of us are just late to the game. In my case I was PvE until I had to quit WoW for a while in February. Came back in May. Found I really liked PVP, started working on my Honor set. Didn't have anyone to arena with (Wife hasn't transfered to Horde yet and my other friends either don't PVP or are just now approaching cap). So I was just working on S9 during that week to try and be caught up with everyone so I could try out this season (Which I'll still be late to, but not months and months late).

That 4k boost won't be feeding a bad player, it'll be helping me get ready to actually enter the RBGs and Arenas a bit quicker.

Funny note though, I probably won't replace those 2 365's before I enter the field. I'll work on finishing getting rid of my PvE gear and belt and then maybe my PVP blues, then off we'll go. Will be a slight struggle at first, but somehow I don't think I'll be complaining about not having a 371 chest and legs.
<3 TY!
So you are just ignoring 48 pages of feedback to your original thread ( ) and are going ahead with the insult of a "compensation" for a problem YOU created?

Please keep in mind that players didn't make a mistake. We could not know of your plans to make ilevel 365 PvP gear obsolete just days after we were able to purchase it with honour points because YOU never told us.

Many of your customers (like myself) spent a lot more honour on now obsolete gear. In my case, most of it was earned by losing BGs, so no, it wasn't a lot of fun. I still did it to gear up to get into rated BGs and probably arenas. But so much for that now... Also don't forget that people spent their hard earned gold on gems and enchants for their ilevel 365 gear. Gold isn't that easy to come by if you pretty much only PvP. I don't think I could afford the enhancements again even if I would get the new set today.

All in all, upgrading the ilevel 365 gear bought in the short peroid after 4.2 hit would have been the right thing to do. Giving us 4000 honour is a joke.

I cancelled my account today because of this. Lord of the Rings Online is free2play now and the new expansion comes out in September. That'll give me something to do until SW:TOR and GW2 come out. Will it be better than WoW? I don't know. But at least I'm not paying 15 bucks a month to get insulted.

Take care!
Good bye, don't let your self entitlement get stuck in the door. I wish you well in your future gaming efforts.
Thank you blizzard for doing this. It has stopped the QQing and I thank you for that.

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