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I can not judge you guys (the ones who got a lot more than 4K honor).

But I think for casual players like me 4K is good. But as mentioned by other people the gems and enchants are the ones affected here, we wasted a few hundred Gs on it. But again, I am sure 1K gold is not much in Cataclysm.

Chill people :-) Blizzard can not keep EVERYONE happy. Happy hunting.
My advice to all you people who are upset about this honor. Yes I was won how grinded some too for gear. But I mainly pvp on my warrior so I didn't need much gear at all. I didn't do the full gear set on this toon niether. Once I found out there was a new line of gear and blizz was going to give 4k honor I stopped honor farming except for what I wanted to do for fun. Honestly though I farmed the rest of my 365 gear on my warrior and when I found it there was 371 gear sure it was a little upsetting. But Instead of complaining so much about it the gear isn't as much of an upgrade. I just kept the gear I had and honor farmed when I felt like having fun in a bg. Not back to back bgs. So what pieces I did get out bgs for fun great. The rest I'll replace with CP.

People this isn't the first time blizz have gave the shaft. Atleast they are giving you something back with the shaft ;). Be happy and quit honor farming if you don't like it. If you have skill you can easily use the 365 gear. Look at my gear and I'm not doing so bad. Good luck.
I think this 4k compensation is worse than no compensation at all. At least with no compensation, mostly everyone would be in the same boat.

I spent my honor on either mats or JP gear for dungeons I never run. I had all the 365 gear because I spent months planning and putting effort into starting season 10 with as much of a head start as possible.

Instead the head start goes to those who geared up to 365 at the last minute because it was cheap and easy.

I guess their wasted and misspent honor is somehow more valuable than mine.

Logged on today, no compensation yet :/.
I don't have my honor points either...
same deal here. no new honor
Aw no compensation yet.... -.-
Definitely not renewing my sub with all of these recent screw ups, it's not worth it.

Saw one person with the compensation though....thats wierd. Maybe they are sending them individually with personal letters! lol
So does this count as screwing up the fixing of the screwing up? =P But seriously these things happen, just an official "oops, x happened during maintenance and it'll be sorted next week" would be nice.
I thought we were supposed to receive honour today. It is the 19th. I have yet to receive anything.

I see I'm not the only one either.
Even though my activity log clearly shows me buying 7 pieces of 365 between the dates mentioned I received no honor in compensation.

Thanks for the FU blizz.
On my DK I received the 4000 honor and the message in the mail. On my other 3 qualifying characters I didn't receive either.
Only my priest got the honor, but my druid,shaman,paladin did not and all brought 365 during the time :(.
I have not received mine either.
No honor compensation for me either. Nice.

A response from a blue, including an exact date that these Honor Points would be restored to each person involved, would be appropriate at this point, I think.
I bought 365 Shoulders and a 365 Helm, I didn't receive ANY compensation today.
I also did not receive the 4k honor. I purchased every piece of S9 Vicious gear the week before S10 Vicious was released.
No honor here either.
What all these kids above me said...

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