Rated BG Secret to Ninja Caps?

been in a couple situations lately when we have had plenty of aoe up on nodes but they still somehow node cap... and im not talkin bout rogues with heir CDs up, im talkin bout mages somehow not getting hit and still getting the cap... there some glitch i havent herd about?
Not sure...

My tactic for RBGs: Even when there's a large battle going on, I keep clicking on the flag to cap. As I start to cap, the enemy AOE's or specifically targets me. The problem with this: they spend mana/time/their focus on ME and not the DPS that's killing them. Though healers are usually kill targets anyways, we have multiple healers and they keep me/the other DPS up.

With their focus on me, they do less overall damage to our DPSers and in time they go die or decide to stop attacking me. I practically spam click that flag, and in between throw out some Hand of Freedoms, full Word of Glory's (which is double win because I'm spec'd to recieve holy power from damage taken), cleanses, etc...

So though this is what I as a holy paladin do, it could also work for other classes even if this is sort of a primitive tactic. It's worked 3/4 times I've tried it, I end up with 4 caps by the end of a round on average; all of them being ninja caps.
This would depend a lot on the class/spec that capped the flag, without knowing which class did it, hard to advise you what happened.
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