Not being able to Unstealth Cat Pets

Recently Pogeyan from N-STVon my hunter but he is stuck in Stealth.

I have been unable to removed or turn it off.

Anyone else having this problem or has found a solution.
Turn off auto-cast then have it attack something to take it out of stealth.
Well that work

It's a bug, but since it's a hunter bug they probably won't bother fixing it for a long time.
I was wondering about that, I've got Skoll and I was having the same bug with him
Same problem here...

...I put in a Ticket and was told they are "aware" of the problem.
This has been an ongoing issue for a VERY long time (I'd say, probably since 4.2 came out). In fact I have a feeling that I might have been the first to put in a ticket for it, because the GM I spoke to said that this wasn't a known issue, and he seemed to not believe me when I told him that the ONLY way to get the cat/spirit beast (yes folks, it's an issue with ALL spirit beasts as well) to remain unstealthed is to take stealth off auto-cast and then have your pet get into combat...have it attack a critter preferrably one of the rats by the tram in Ironforge (since they like to attack back), or have it attack a target dummy, and then your pet will no longer stealth, unless you put stealth back to auto-cast (which defeats the purpose of doing that, lol). I've tried disabling all my add-ons (to the disbelief of the GM), and nothing. Whenever you click directly on the stealth to try to disable it, whether it's from the pet bar, or from the spell book, the UI informs me that I can't use that yet. After much persuading, he finally said that he'll have someone look into the issue. Anyway, this should really be put in the bug forum if it isn't there probably is, I haven't checked.
I have the same problem. Just attack something with your Pet.

...I can only hope this means Blizzard is working on giving us Hunters STEALTH and VANISH...just like a Rogue.
It doesn't mean that in the slightest. All it means is that, since 4.2, all pets that have Prowl or Spirit Walk as an ability have been bugged, and that there is a simple, if somewhat annoying, workaround to get your pet out of stealth.

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