Weekend FL Group [7/7] [1/7HM]

Greetings AT.

After more than a month of forming these pugs, shuffling through tons of players, good and bad, gearing up people who never joined us again, etc, our group has finally stabilized, and we've managed to clear up to 1/7HM, and clear the place on normal.

As such, our group is fairly full. We are still looking for a couple of classes just to add as options for us to work with, namely:

1x Warrior tank/DPS
1x Holy Paladin

Since with our low hours we are pushing progression, we expect people to be fairly geared and knowledgeable about all the encounters on normal, and at least a few of the heroic mechanics.

Send me an ingame message on Iamarogue or Sleuther, if you feel you are good enough to make the team, and good luck to all! ;D
3/7 in the first two days of trying out this pug. If this is better than your average trade pug, and you're interested in looking at a spot, send me a message in game. We are also looking to go back into old content and do those Hardmodes, on off nights or when we cant field a decent enough team for firelands.

We're looking to run a fairly liberal roster of people potentially interested, as the timings (1PM Server time saturday+sunday) may not allow people to maintain 100% attendance.

If you have a 10 man group of relatively similar progression/skill level, I'm also considering absorbing some groups that are having numbers issues, so again, in game mail if that sounds like you!


Bump for 4/7 as a pug (Had guild run it last week but w/e).

Sunday 4PM SVT Alysrazor + Majordomo(Free loot) Feel free to message me in game or whisper me if you see me on, we can discuss a potential spot for you. Try and get in early as we may close LFM soon once we have enough regulars.
Going extra time on a Monday night, getting Aly and Domo down in a few hours :) Up to 6/7 now!

Will probably be farming these bosses for a few weeks, getting gear up there (most of us are alts with no HM t11 gear so, kinda sucks :( ).

Meanwhile, on offnights I am trying to organise T11 HM runs, so check trade for anyone from BEERBEER forming T11 HMs.

Seriously still need more people to sign up, no matter how much I overrecruit, I still get people who bail on me and I have to pug trade at the last moment. If you think you're up for a challenging PuG, contact me :)
6/7 on farm now. Got rag to 70% for lulz on one attempt before calling it.

If you're interested, there's still a variety of spots up for grabs, we only raid 2 days, and usually have to last minute pug from trade, so we're doing fairly good in comparison to a few raiding guilds on this server ;)

Contact me in game for a chat!
5/7 cleared today, aiming for good solid Rag attempts tomorrow :)

Still high priority is a Priest healer + Moonkin. Exceptional players/alts from good guilds also welcomed, although we're no longer looking to gear people up.

Solid p2 rag attempts. We should have him down next week. Need a moonkin + priest healer baaaaaaaad!
Gah... why Alliance lol =P just what I'm looking for to join as Priest heals lol

Best of luck though :)
Thanks, gonna hopefully get HM Shannox this week! Hopefully... would be a first for pugs on AT.

Still LF a warrior tank/pally heals priority. Exceptional players of all classes considered!
1/7 HM now.
Going to merge with a guild soon, if you're looking for low-hours high end competitive raiding PST~
Bump for Raggy down as a pug. Current Progression 7/7 1/7 HM.

Will be merging with Coexistence, but maintaining the same raiding hours + schedule. ;D

Solid p2 rag attempts. We should have him down next week. Need a moonkin + priest healer baaaaaaaad!

Dawwww missed it by a month! Grats on getting a pug further than most guilds!

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