Valor point reset time needs to be clarified!

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The first week we started earning valor pts for this teir of raiding I ended up having to wait till the Monday to get in all my dungeon runs finished. I was at 840 pts for the week went I went into my last dungeon, and I still had like an hour or 2 before I knew the dailies for Monday would reset for Tuesday, and I'm sure I'm not the only player out there that would think valor pts reset for the week would be at the same time as Monday dailies would reset.

Little to my knowledge it's much sooner then that, and while I was in the dungeon it reset and I didn't find out till later on in the second week that I was gonna be 140 pts short of what I was thinking I should be at for full valor pts for two weeks. I did what most ppl do and put in a ticket to the GMs asking where my missing pts were.

Well when they were finally able to get to me they told me what had happened, and it just seems unfair and wrong for that to have happened. You guys need to put up a time of when things reset like the Valor pts for the week. That way this doesnt happen to some other unsuspecting ppl cause I was very dissapointed in you all for how little information is out there telling us exactly when resets are, and for not knowing ahead of time that the reset times are different. Would be nice if you could put it in like under the Valor pt. bar on the dungeon pop up menu or on the calender.

There fixed my punctuation and spelling the best I know, so stop whining about it ppl. I don't really care what the rest of you players think, all I want is for a Dev to see this and take it into consideration so no other ppl sit there and play guessing games with the reset timers. If we can do it for dungeon resets why cant we have a spot that tells us other resets for dailies and valor pts.
It's your fault, not Blizzard's. You shouldn't put it off until the last minute.
1. The Enter key is your friend
2. Punctuation and spelling are your friends.
3. It resets during weekly maintenance on Tuesday mornings.

Oh, and:
the dailies would reset ... valor pts reset for the week
Sorry, but why would you guess that the DAILY quests and WEEKLY valor reset at the same time?
1. why should i care about punctuation and spelling you can read it fine :P
2. it does not reset during maintenance time it resets at 1am or right around there
3. dailies for that day reset about the time the weekly maintenance resets on tuesdays and i was using it as a referance point as to when a person would guess it was reseting because servers didnt actually go down for any maintenance that day

oh and due to family stuff going on i wasnt able to get on and finish my last few dungeons till that Monday night
07/17/2011 02:44 AMPosted by Galataya
oh and due to family stuff going on i wasnt able to get on and finish my last few dungeons till that Monday night
Are you implying that had you known about the timing of the reset you would have blown off your family to finish your cap for the week? Cause if not then you have zero ground to complain about something you werent gonna get done in time anyway.
Now that you know it resets a day before maintenance, you're wiser and will not make the same mistake.

Moving on.
1. why should i care about punctuation and spelling you can read it fine :P

This is like saying "Why should i take the crocodiles out of the swimming pool if you made it out intact enough to tell me there are crocodiles in the swimming pool."

Just because we managed to slough through that brick of text doesn't mean it wasn't unduly painful in a way that could have been prevented in the first place.
im not saying i would have blown off my family all im saying is that blizzard needs to post reset times for stuff better then how it currently is and maybe i would have known that the cut off time was sooner and not spent the next week trying to figure out what went on.

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