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About Unfettered: http://unfetteredguild.guildlaunch.com/

Unfettered is first and foremost a team. We have no desire to grow into a 900 member "Mega" guild and guild level comes second to guild quality. Even though Unfettered is a raiding guild I like to consider the entire guild as a part of the team. I personally do not care about perks or numbers. What I care about is the quality of the members. Just because a member chooses not to raid does not mean that they are not a part of the team. Whether it is gathering materials for battle cauldrons, making weapons and armor or PvP teams, we are all a part of the collective effort and we are all an important member of the guild. If you have no desire to become a part of something greater than the individual, then Unfettered is not for you.

Casual or Hardcore?

The answer to this is neither. We have no desire to simply be satisfied with downing normal content. We will be spending the majority of our time tackling heroic raids and eventually be 13/13 & 7/7 (H). Having said that, we also realize that WoW is not a job. None of us get paid to play so our enjoyment comes first. We progress but not at the expense of fun. All possible members are expected to be friendly and helpful with a good sense of humor. We have fun and laugh at mistakes but we also learn from them and sharpen our skills. Our priorities can best be described as such.

#1: Have fun

#2: Se Ragnaros’ legs. Then kill him.

For Raiders:

Unfortunately recruitment for our 10 man raid team is closed. The guild has a great team of raiders currently leveling up together in preparation for our first raid scheduled for Aug 31’st. Luckily, once we get progressed to a competitive level we may be open to becoming a 25 man team. That will be discussed once we arrive at that point. Until then I see no reason not to include a second (separate) raid team. If a member chooses to spearhead that team recruitment for that core 10 man will begin. I believe having two teams will breed the spirit of healthy competition and that competition will breed excellence.

If you are interested in forming a second team feel free to inform us and set your own schedule. We will update this page in order to reflect your decisions.

For PVP:

We may be forming a PvP team in the very near future. We are still in the discussion phase so don’t expect the team to form overnight. However, if that is your game feel free to apply. We may be looking for a team leader to spearhead that and begin recruitment so if you are interested you will be expected to at least join in the discussion. Again, just like for our raid team, re-rollers are very much welcome. Also, just like the raid team, once the date for our first official team battlegrounds and arenas is set the time will be ticking before we require a minimum gear level and character level.

For Non-Raiders:

As stated above, just because you do not have any interest in raiding does not mean you are not part of the team. I encourage those who do not raid to continue to help the guild in other ways. Be it running heroic dungeons as a guild or Rated Battlegrounds. It’s not just about gaining levels. In fact that is the least of our concerns. I encourage the sharing of recipes and materials amongst all guildies. Whether you cut gems for the team or build armor and stockpile materials you are a part of the team.

Raid Times:

(These times are only to give an outline for those who may want to stand in as an alternate. Times shown are in the Central Time Zone)

Mon 8-10 PM (Time may extend depending on the teams mood)

Tue Off

Wed 8-11 PM

Thur 8-11 PM

Fri Off

Sat Off

Sun Off


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