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If you aren't doing the "endgame" content, you should NOT be getting "endgame" rewards.

And, sorry, but Valor gear is not "endgame rewards" anymore. You people still has the BC mindset when Blizzard is long out of it. Once you get that understood, this "issue" will make much more sense.

Blizzard isn't going back to BC mentality. Look at what they did in the past 3-4 years. I have yet seen any patch that says, "Oh dear. The game is now harder than it was before."

What is better than Valor gear besides stuff from raid bosses? Like I said, it was as far as I knew. I don't raid (guild isn't up to that point yet). I was just pointing out that in the turnin system, there are tiers. One gets you geared for the content, the other gets you geared in the nice stuff. My PvE stuff that I have sitting in bank (I DO quest after all when bored) is plenty high enough level to do FL content.
As far as "BC mindset". I played Vanilla and left due to RL stuff getting in way right before BC. I came back after Cata, so I'm sorry if I miss the comparison. What is wrong with the mindset that there shouldn't be any "easy" epics? I can grind heroic dungeons that I'm grossly overgeared for already to get better epics. That is a flawed system. In order to get these nice epics, I should be downing some pretty tough things in a raid situation. Get rid of the easy mode blizz. I remember when this game used to be a challenge, now you just overgear and /faceroll through dungeons. And now they are intentionally nerfing the "older" content (BH and the like)? So basically people that fought very diligently to learn the fights, endure wipe after wipe just to get the nice rewards, people that haven't done those things get to go in on a nerfed raid and get nice rewards? Really? I'll say it again, I don't raid, but if I did I would be throwing a fit. How about if you nerf the raid, you nerf the rewards? That includes the drops from bosses. Now everyone is just farming the older stuff because it is the easy mode now.
speaking of Valor Points... is there any reason why someone who doesnt raid cannot complete a VP set (the non-heroic one)? why are the helms and shoulders only purchasable with some raid token? i really would of liked to save up VP slowly from only doing randoms and buy a whole set (like i did back in WOTLK with Frost Badges), but i cannot get the helm and shoulders. i dont really see why because the rest of the set is purchasable with only VP.

is disappointing to me because i would like to advance my character, however slowly. i dont see what would be the issue since its a low-end raid set and its not like im asking for Heroic raid gear or actual raid drops. it would also take me many months to complete a set (it took me almost 1 month to save up enough VP for just the gloves, even. i think back when i saved up Frost Badges it took me 8 months to get a whole set), so its an actual commitment and would take me a very long time.

at least drop the token requirement when you move the sets to the JP vendors? the old raid sets STILL need a raid tokens...
this was good, thx Blizz. za/zg gets very repetitive.
I read Byniri's objection to the change. It looks like he is afraid that someone will get Tier Piece that he doesn't approve of because they might not have the same rabid commitment he has. I believe that Blizzard needs to have a Realm for all the Elitists like Byniri so they don't have to be exposed to the average player that cannot play as well as them. The name could be tricky though, something to let everyone know that only the top 'special' player need apply. Maybe,"GodsRus", or "BetterThanU", and give them their own Tier 11.2 with thorns on the inside to show their dedication by bleeding a little every time it is worn. You folks have got the best game going, just know that most people appreciate your work. Thanks.
Okay guys what we really need is for the Tier 11 VP is well you should at least get a little bit more VP from The Random Heroic Zg/Za dungeons and the random heroics (Not Za/Zg) should also give you a little bit more VP witch then just like 40 extra VP for them each so then if you can't do Firelands you can get geared for it faster so then no one will have to wait a week or so for 370 Item Level. It's so annoying
Why doesn't argaloth have VP.
It's already impossible to get people interested in downing him.
Why doesn't argaloth have VP.
It's already impossible to get people interested in downing him.

yes please bring back Argaloth's VP even for 35points is much appreciated.

Hope when 4.3 comes out, these VP rewards for 4.0 raids will continue. And also, please include FL too! :)

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