Actions for Recent Realm Disruptions

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We recently monitored a situation where a large number of players intentionally disrupted access to multiple realms by gathering together and mass-spamming game emotes. In some cases, individual players spammed an emote upwards of 30,000 times.

As a result, some accounts found to be active participants in this activity were permanently banned. Upon further review, we have made the determination to reduce some of these permanent bans to temporary suspensions. We’re currently in the process of identifying all offenders who acted to purposefully disrupt game service and will administer proper action to each participating account.

We’re dedicated to providing a fun, stable, reliable gameplay environment for our players. Accountholders who intentionally participate in events that contribute to realm instability will be subject to significant account actions, up to and including a permanent vacation from the game.

Please keep discussions related to this action within this thread. Related discussions outside of this thread will be locked, deleted, and/or fed to Murlocs.

Have fun and please remember to play responsibly.
Good job, now please take action against the anal spam that still pops up on /trade.
Glad to hear it, keep up the good work.

07/18/2011 10:08 PMPosted by Bashiok
and/or fed to Murlocs

I just want to reinforce this. I have had a Murloc bite me is NOT FUN!
Very happy he got unbanned, whether he meant to or not he spent alot of time on his character and i'm sure he won't be doing anything like that again.
If his account was downgraded to a temporary punishment, I believe it is greatly appreciated. Very fair decision in my opinion, thank you.
4.2 is lacking in content. Just saying

And btw, its nice to see some justice for those on Darkspear. I can't imagine trying to play through that.

Moreover, it augments the argument against Blizzard's ethics and integrity. I wasn't listening to the arguments, but apparently, it was an issue.
I love you, keep up the work.
GJ Blizz - I know you are in a tough spot.
Greifing is one of the most fun parts of anything you do online, it was bound to happen.

Temp is fine, they did a hostile action, but in doing so, they pointed out a flaw in your system, you should fix it.
As long as Swifty or any e-star will get a proper punishment I am perfectly fine with it.

Special treatment and double standards is never a way to do things.
good explanation, and fair.
Thank You.
07/18/2011 10:08 PMPosted by Bashiok
intentionally disrupted


07/18/2011 10:17 PMPosted by Bashiok
If by diligently they mean their community manager texted me after we had already begun the process to reverse the ban and contact those involved, then yes, they were a big help. ;)

I'm sure many of us are watching closely to exactly how this is handled in the following days/weeks.
Woot got its own sticky
Bashiok, will you please comment on what Razers participation was in regards to getting certain members unbanned? They clearly said on their facebook page that they were working diligently with Blizzard to do that.
Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully this course of action includes those who attacked Darkspear today.

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