[BUG] Masterwork elementium deathblade speed

Bug Report
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MED was offered as one of the enticements of 4.2, it's why I did all the rep quests, I did not see any mention of this "bug"prior to the day of it's availability.
To say "Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience! " doesn't cut it.

No, it doesn't, although there has been no official comment on this issue. All the comments have come from GMs answering tickets and they have given a massive range of answers, from:

1) working as intended, we are fixing the tooltip

2) not working as intended we are fixing the stats

3) no you can't get a refund, but we'll give you back the old weapon you vendored.

4) no you can't get a refund on the mats but we'll make it BoE and give you back the enchanting mats.

I can understand how things like this, and the lack of off set DPS plate shoulders anywhere in FL, sneak through (and leaving one of the ret tier shoulders off one of the VoA bosses loot tables, out of curiosity is it a coincidence that it always seems to be ret usable stuff that messes up, or does it just seem that way as I play ret?)

What is annoying is the treatment of the customers in not accepting responsibility for their having messed up and offering a concise and complete explanation of what will happen, and the timescale for it happening, whether it is an outcome we will be happy with or not.

Personally I think we need a response by tomorrow morning before the servers are up as FL resets and we need to know if we are sitting on a worthless weapon and the shannox drops are as good for us as for our guildies still with i359 weapons and considerably more gold, or whether it is being fixed to work as intended and we should pass on the shannox weapons as they are a massive upgrade for our i359 wielding guildies compared to our 3.8s i365 weapon.
Maintenance tonight should resolve the issue one way or another: I've spoken to at least 3 folks who pretty much consider this the last straw if they are told "tough sh!t" and are just stuck with a 3.5 weapon and no compensation - the disillusionment felt by others will be increased and overall resentment and distaste for this game will grow. Here's hoping they do the right thing tonight.
If they're not gonna keep it at a 3.8 speed they should at least go halfway and make it a 3.65 speed :P
My thoughts on this, are this:

1). As others stated, why 3.5? I can understand them not wanting to give us current raid-quality BoE craftables, but let's face it: The MED is I-level 365, not 378 like the current raid content. And as others have stated, why not give it at least 3.6? It isn't 3.8, but yet it is better than 3.5. Even that alone would be better than nothing.

2). Let's look at the materials: 5 truegold bars and 5 chaos orbs. That's a heck of a lot for a sword that is barely better than 359 content... oh wait, there are no 359 BoEs, which leads me to...

3). Excluding the MED, 2-Handed Strength is the one and only weapon class that has no BoE in I-level 359+. So, if the MED is almost worthless, then 2H Strength continues to be Blizz's redheaded stepchild. The only other non-raid obtainable 2H Strength is the Zin'rokh, and I don't know about anyone else here, but both me and my mom have put quite a few hours into Archaeology and we still don't have one....

4). Do the other crafted weapons suck this bad? The tanking weapon seems to be half-decent, especially if you're a human (Sword Mastery) but it isn't as good as an Obsidium Cleaver (which you have to do FL to get, so that's OK). Other than that, can't comment on the other weapons, perhaps others could. But my point is this: If the other crafted weapons don't suck this bad, why does the MED? Again, does Blizzard hate 2H Strength users or something?

5). Again as stated above, 2H Strength users have no other BoE options. No BoE 359s. No BoE 378s. No other BoE 365s. The MED is the one-and-only BoE 2H Strength weapon in all of Cataclysm (that's 359+). Why? Other weapon classes get at least 1, if not multiple, and those weapons don't suck like this. Why should 2H Strength users get singled out like this?
The speed is 3.5 as intended. The tooltip will be updated in an upcoming patch.

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